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Episode 89 – The Best & Worst of Gems Driver Songs (w/ special guest Dya)

Episode 89 – The Best & Worst of Gems Driver Songs (w/ special guest Dya)

The Sega Genesis GEMS Driver is often considered one of the worst drivers created for video game music. However, we are optimists when it comes to most chips, so today, we’re taking a deep look into the GEMS driver. Who created it, why it was important to Western composers, the benefits of it and the downfalls. Justin and Mike aim to examine the good AND bad parts of it, to unearth some game music that you might not have known about. Aaron Hickman of the Genesis Gems podcast is also known as chiptune and VGM composer DYA. He joins us on this episode to help explain some of the nitty gritty details regarding GEMS and the Sega sound in general. From bad Sylvester Stallone impressions, to Mike absolutely losing it whenever Captain Salty is discussed….to a surprise phone call from someone claiming to be Tommy Tallarico, this episode of XVGM Radio has it all!

Episode 64 – Classics vs Covers w/ Lucia La Rezza

Episode 64 – Classics vs Covers w/ Lucia La Rezza

Classics versus Covers has been done by XVGM Radio before, but never with a solo artist! Today’s episode is a treat, as Justin and Mike sit down with Lucia La Rezza, an Italian violinist and all around fan of video games. From her beginnings with the Game Boy to her self-admitted Playstation obsession, Lucia is as much of a fan of working on music as she is for video games; and the two aren’t mutually exclusive. We showcased 6 of her covered arrangements and compare them with the original, all while chatting about her Sephiroth crush, being a bassist in a Power Metal band, her shared musicianship and love of Nobuo Uematsu with our co-host Justin, all while getting musically hugged by Ms. Lucia La Rezza!
Big thank you to Lucia La Rezza for joining us and sharing her wonderful arrangements of such classic game tunes. Please check her out on her website: https://www.lucialarezza.com/
Youtube and other links: https://linktr.ee/lucialarezza
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/luviolinista
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lu_la_re
What did YOU think of the versions of the songs we played? What did you think of our guest, Lucia and her music? Shoot us an email at XVGMRadio@gmail.com or join in on the discussion at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/XVGMradio
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Intro – Lucia La Rezza – Save Room
Resident Evil 2 – (PS1, 1998) “Save Room” Masami Ueda

1 – Lucia La Rezza – Tetris Theme
Tetris (GB, 1989) “A-Type Music/Korobeiniki” Hirokazu Tanaka/Unknown Composer

2 – Lucia La Rezza – Aerith’s Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
Orig – Final Fantasy VII (PS1, 1997) “Aerith’s Theme” Nobuo Uematsu

3 – Lucia La Rezza – Bloodborne Medley (Main theme, Geherman)
Orig – Bloodborne (PS4, 2017) “Bloodborne” Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Yuka Kitamura, Nobuyoshi Suzuki, Cris Velasco, Michael Wandmacher

4 – Lucia La Rezza – Pokemon Medley (Intro – PokéCenter theme – Gym Battle Theme – Lavender Town theme)
Orig – Pokemon R/B/Y (GB, 1998) “(Intro1&2)” Junichi Masuda

5 – Lucia La Rezza – BB’s Theme (Death Stranding)
Orig – Death Stranding (PS4, 2019) “BB’s Theme” Ludvig Forssell & Jenny Plant (vocals)

November Patreon Live Recording – 2020

November Patreon Live Recording – 2020

It’s not everyday you are joined by one of the best video game music composers in the indie scene (He’s rolling his eyes right now, stop it!) But the November live show is extra special because we were joined by none other than Matt Creamer a.k.a Norrin Radd! Justin, Mike and Matt picked some totally killer VGM tunes for this Patreon-exclusive live show, had fun chats about horny horns, slap bass, twarnmpy Genesis music, Sega’s Tower of Power, and more on this blazin’ hot funky live show…only on XVGM Radio!

Episode 48 – The Music of Final Fantasy VII (feat. Knight of the Round)

Hailed as one of the greatest video game experiences ever, Final Fantasy VII was a game changer. It revolutionized the Japanese Role Playing Game market and the art of storytelling in a video game at the time of its released. Now, almost 23 years later, we are about to see a remade version of the game that captured our hearts back in 1997. But on the eve of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release date, XVGM Radio sat down with Knight of the Round band member, Justin Taylor, to chat about the significance of the original game, it’s landmark music by Nobuo Uematsu, and showcase KotR’s latest release, a Metal-infused thematic cover album aptly titled: “SEVEN.” We’ll give you one guess what the theme is. From chatting about Cid’s character growth to the importance of Tifa in Mike’s teen years and Justin’s teenage confusion over numbering the Final Fantasy games back in the day. It’s a musical celebration of a true masterpiece, both musically and gameplay wise. Also, MAD Cait Sith hate!

Episode 44 – Valfaris w/ Composer Curt Victor Bryant

What oozes neon, smells of decaying bugs and gives you a neck injury? Why, it’s Valfaris, of course! Released in 2019, Valfaris brought a 1980’s Heavy Metal Magazine aesthetic to the run-n-gun genre, and along with it came an equally brutal, tranquil, and exciting soundtrack by Ex-Celtic Frost member, Curt Victor Bryant. It’s not everyday you get certified rock stars on the podcast, so Mike and Justin talked up a storm with the composer! From his beginning days in Switzerland at the jukebox, to his time in Celtic Frost, Curt lays it all on the line in this tell all episode that is currently our longest to date! We talk Energy Babes, heavy metal references, his injection of world and new age music into this thrash/groove/extreme metal soundtrack that will get the blood pumping!

Episode 34 – Super Thrash Bros!

To be in a video game music cover band in 2019, there needs to be a gimmick of some sort. Fortunately, Super Thrash Bros. have a rock solid one. These gents combine wacky Smash Bros. themed showmanship and metal medleys with Smash Bros. themed costumes for a combination that can’t be beat! Today on XVGM Radio, Mike and Justin are lounging with Super Thrash Bros. members Eric Germain (Ness; Drums), Ryan Morris (Megaman; Guitar) and Nick Palmisano(Skull Kid; Bass) to listen to the band’s favorite medleys of their own. Then, we’ll compare one portion of the medley to it’s Thrash Bros. counterpart, head to head! Other members of Super Thrash Bros. who weren’t able to join us this time around include Ant Palmisano (Shiek, Guitar), Bryan Carroll (Master Hand), Ed Connolly (Crazy Hand).This versus match is worth every second! Hear Mike get schooled on “progressive punk” aka Thrash, hear all about how this band came together to rock, and…long blonde haired dudes headbanging while wearing Donkey Kong ties?! It’s all on this episode of XVGM Radio!

Episode 21 – Classic vs. Covers w/ Lame Genie

Video game music cover bands have been going for decades now. It’s tough to stand out in a crowded genre, but we think Lame Genie pulls off something special. On this episode, we are joined by Lame Genie members Mike Costigan, Kyle Sawaia and Jeff McGowan for a not-so-serious discussion on their band, Taco Bell sponsorships, melting their brains with anagram knowledge, all while comparing 5 of their covers to the songs they’re based on! Get ready for some tracks that you don’t hear covered that often, in this very goofy, extremely radical episode of XVGM Radio!


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