About Us

XVGM Radio is a VGM podcast, done in the style of a radio show. It was established in 2018 with one simple mission in mind: to bring an awesome & ecclectic mix of Video Game Music to your ears! Each episode will bring you new music, new topics, and hopefully show you something you may not have heard, or might not have thought to listen to otherwise. With co-hosts Mike Levy and Justin Schneider, you’ll hear from game music composers, fellow VGM lovers and podcasters as well as musicians within the scene. Join the guys (and their producer, a Metroid named Janine,) as they take game music podcasting to a whole new level (complete with caller requests from game characters mixed with ones from Patreon members plus….silly commercials!) XVGM Radio….Where the Bits Keep Comin’!

We release shows (episodes) on a monthly basis – usually on the middle-most Wednesday.