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Episode 2 – Toaplan, An Audio History

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Strap into a Zig and get ready to move for great justice, because Justin and Mike are diving deep into the musical history of the shoot ’em up stalwarts themselves, Toaplan! From the early arcade beginnings to partnerships with some of Japan’s biggest publishers like Taito and Capcom, Toaplan’s composers knew how to create driving grooves and melodies to get gamer’s blood pumping. From debating with callers regarding princess names to discussing the intricacies of Mr. T fornicating with you for free, XVGM Radio’s got you covered!

Episode 1 – The Evolution of Nintendo Console Music

A brand new era of VGM Podcasting has begun! XVGM Radio is YOUR source for video game music (VGM.) Mike and Justin take you on the winding road of Nintendo’s ever changing consoles and their music. Each game showcases a different style of composer and sound hardware. Learn about Justin’s hidden language, and hear Mike cover Super Mario Pearl Jam! All in this inaugural episode of XVGM Radio!

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XVGM Radio!

Welcome! Stay a while and listen – to some of the best video game music you’ll hear this side of the internet. Mike & Justin have a whole host of episodes lined up where we want to take you for a ride throughout the vast world of VGM – from beeps and boops of the 70’s & 80’s right up through the fully orchestrated soundtracks of some of today’s best games.

Each episode will consist of at least 10 tracks (plus an intro) chosen by your hosts (and any guests), a commercial, themed around the topic of the episode, as well as some discussion centered around the tracks that you will hear. We want to be the best possible vgm-based radio show we can be, so always feel free to let us know what you liked, what fell flat, and what we can do to make the show even better.

Stay tuned – our 1st episode will release on June 13th (06/13/18).


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