Episode 106 – Spookyfest 2023

They’reeeee bacccckkkkkk! The XVGM Radio boys are back for another haunting year of SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOKY songs to celebrate the holiday season! Join Mike and Justin on their 5th annual Spookyfest, complete with crowds cheering them on, buying Poltergust 4000 vacuums and gettin’ their sour pukes on! Two special Patrons make requests, the guys try their best Arnold Schwarzenegger infused Mario impressions and share stories about how they know they’re gonna hurl…all on this wacky, wonderful, SPOOKY episode of XVGM Radio!
Special thanks to Patrons Ryan McPherson and RayjKayj for their walk up requests!
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Intro – I Spy Spooky Mansion Deluxe (Wii – 2010) “Scavenger Hunt” Bong & Dern Inc. (Chris Burke, John Dylan Keith)
1 – Secret of Mana (SNES – 1993) “Ceremony” Hiroki Kikuta
2 – Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (NDS – 2009) “Ruins of Alph” Go Ichinose, Shota Kageyama, Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Takuto Kitsuta
3 – Laser Ghost (ARC – 1989) “Sour Puke – Acidic Content” Koichi Namiki
4 – Luigi’s Mansion (GCN – 2001) “Mansion (Low Health)” Shinobu Tanaka, Kazumi Totaka
5 – RLH (Run Like Hell) (PS2 – 2002/ XBOX – 2003) “Urge” Inon Zur, Albert Lloyd Olson
6 – Ryan McPherson pick – Diablo IV (All – 2023) “Mother of Sanctuary” Ted Reedy, Leo Kaliski
7 – Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Story (FC – 1987) “Track 13” Tsukasa Masuko
8 – Dead Space (PC/PS3/XB360 – 2008) “Welcome Aboard the U.S.G. Ishimura” Jason Graves, Rod Abernethy
9 – Rayjkayj pick – The Silver Case (PS1 – 1999) “His Room” Masafumi Takada
10 – Halloween Chronicles: Evil Behind a Mask (PC – 2019) “Touch the Fingertips” Unknown Composer

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