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Episode 37 – SPOOKYFEST 2019!

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It’s that time once again for…SPOOKYFEST….2019! Yes, Spookyfest has returned to a backyard near us. Every year we host a special Halloween-themed episode of our show, but it’s totally done outdoors like a concert festival! Hear the crowds roar in between songs as Mike and Justin dig up 10 ghoulish tracks, a ghastly outro…and even a Patreon request! Listen to the guys discuss Knuckles’ mode of transportation,debate about Phantom of the Opera’s melodies, and try to figure out if a track is Cukey or Spute. All this, and more on XVGM Radio’s SPOOKYFEST 2019!

Episode 11 – XVGM Radio Presents SPOOKYFEST 2018!

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It’s that SPOOOOOOOOKYYYY time of year again, and the XVGM Radio gentleghouls are here to host a radio festival styled show, live, called SPOOKYFEST 2018! Grab a Belmont’s Wall Meat turkey leg and make a reservation for Boosette’s bed and breakfast, because we’ve got tons of creepy, crawly tracks from a wide variety of games, all with that SPOOOOKYYY sound that’s perfect for this time of the year.


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