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Episode 89 – The Best & Worst of Gems Driver Songs (w/ specia guest Dya)

Episode 89 – The Best & Worst of Gems Driver Songs (w/ specia guest Dya)

The Sega Genesis GEMS Driver is often considered one of the worst drivers created for video game music. However, we are optimists when it comes to most chips, so today, we’re taking a deep look into the GEMS driver. Who created it, why it was important to Western composers, the benefits of it and the downfalls. Justin and Mike aim to examine the good AND bad parts of it, to unearth some game music that you might not have known about. Aaron Hickman of the Genesis Gems podcast is also known as chiptune and VGM composer DYA. He joins us on this episode to help explain some of the nitty gritty details regarding GEMS and the Sega sound in general. From bad Sylvester Stallone impressions, to Mike absolutely losing it whenever Captain Salty is discussed….to a surprise phone call from someone claiming to be Tommy Tallarico, this episode of XVGM Radio has it all!

Episode 53 – Sounds of the Sega master System

Episode 53 – Sounds of the Sega master System

With Sega’s arcade ventures dwindling at the time, the Japanese arcade game maker decided to try their hand at making consoles, and eventually this led to today’s featured console, the Sega Master System. Called the Mark III in Japan, this PSG-based audio system (which also featured FM Synth in certain games) has always had a mix of somber or cheery sounding music. On today’s episode of XVGM Radio, Mike and Justin peel back the figurative shell of the console to bring you a dive into all regions worth of music. From in-depth discussion on the success of the system (in PAL regions and Brazil) and failures (North America) to chats about Mentos, notoriously bad Master System game cover art, SHHHOPELIFTERRR, Justin hearing Pac-Man sounds, and…Green and Pink Master System Consoles, wait…what?! This episode is jam packed full of tubular tunes and fun discussion.

Episode 35 – Super Nintendo Jams vs. Sega Genesis Grooves (Retro World Expo Live Panel)

Mike and Justin Hosted their first ever panel together, and they did it at Retro World Expo in Hartford, CT on September 28th, 2019! The guys wanted to do something to attract a big audience, and what better way to do that then to have the ultimate retro battle when it comes to VGM: Super NES versus Sega Genesis! After cultivating a wide range of tunage, the guys got the audience to participate in a cheering contest to determine which song was liked better. The categories of Best comparison, Capabilities, and a favorite from each of the guys for every console.

Episode 33 – Celebrating 20 Years of Sega Dreamcast Music

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Everyone join in now: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Biiirtthhhdaayyyy dear Sega Dreamcast, Happy Birthday to you! The Sega Dreamcast is largely considered to be Sega’s swansong and the final console to focus on arcade-based-ports to home-grown video games. Utilizing the NAOMI hardware, Sega was able to easily port games from the arcade to the console market. Sadly, the Dreamcast was Sega’s final original console, released this day 20 years ago on September 9th, 1999, also known as 9-9-99. It’s been 20 years since the console released in North America with a complete onslaught of titles, so today we thought we’d explore the North American side of the console’s video game music. Justin and Mike have picked tons of fantastic music to take you for a ride throughout this celebration. So, roll down your windows, slick those frosted tips back, grab your chain wallet and put on your jeans with the enormous pant legs. Turn the nu-metal off for a second, hit pause on your VHS of the International Man of Mystery and let’s boogie to some Sega Dreamcast bangers!

Episode 18 – Beat ’em ups!

Back in the 80s and 90s, the Beat ‘Em Up began to evolve into one of the most celebrated (and imitated) genres of all time. However, what was always constantly refreshing were the tunes that arcade and console Beat ‘Em Ups were pumping out, while the quarters were being pumped in. Today on XVGM Radio, Justin and Mike explore the vast musical genres of Beat ‘Em Ups; Get ready to defeat the baddest of foes while these dudes take you through the illest of brawler tracks. From Mega Drive exclusives, to games that never left the arcade, the XVGM boys will have you howling with laughter when they try to figure out who pooped on the lawn. Wait, what?! Close your eyes, slip those headphones on, grab some quarters and get ready to lose yourself to the sound of the Beat ‘Em Up.

Episode 3 – Board & Card Game Video Games

Uno! Yahtzee! Bingo! You sunk my battleship! Board and card games have a long history of fun for the whole family. When it comes to board and card-based video games, there’s been a plethora of choices to play. Today, Mike and Justin roll the dice on 10 tracks from these type of games that range from easy listening to progressive rock, all while sharing stories about their experiences with each version, both video game and original. What are YOUR favorite tracks from this episode?


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