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Episode 65 – Winter Trax 2: Icelectric Boogaloo

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Episode 65 – Winter Trax 2: Icelectric Boogaloo

Happy Holidays to all! For the final episode of 2020, in what’s been an absolutely bonkers world, Mike and Justin take a moment to sit down and enjoy the holidays together (socially distanced, of course.) What follows is a celebration of winter and holiday music of the video game variety, discussions about getting dat nut, Prehistoric Turtlesaurus’, and of course…gift giving. The guys unwrap gifts they’ve given to each other, all while closing out the year with a smile and some fun tracks that really get you into the holiday season.
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Intro – Fury of the Furries (1993) – “Lagoon” – Frédéric Motte
1 – Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest (AMI, 1991) – “Unused Theme” – Tim Follin
2 – Action Cat (AMI – 1995) “Main Theme” Annette Stender
3 – Turrican II: The Final Fight (AMI, 1991) “The Desert Rocks (1-1) Chris Hülsbeck
4 – Super Stardust (AMI, 1994) – “Levels 01 to 06 (World 1)” – Risto Vuori
5 – Space Crusade (AMI, ACPC, AST, C64, DOS, ZXS – 1992) “Main Menu” Imagitec Design Inc – Barry Leitch, Ian Howe
6 – Walker (AMI, 1993) “Title Screen” Raymond Usher
7 – Jim Power in Mutant Planet (AMI, 1993) – “Level 5: Caves” – Chris Hülsbeck
8 – Thunder Jaws (ARC, AMI, ACPC, AST, C64 – 1991) “Stage 4” Jolyon Myers
9 – Pinball Dreams (AMI, 1992) “Écran Titre” Olof Gustafsson

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