Episode 91 – Masters of VGM

If you had to pick four legendary composers that best represents you…as well as all of video game music, who would you pick? Well, that’s the question that our pal Bedroth from VGMVGM (Very Good Music Video Game Music) Podcast asked the community of VGM podcasters…and we broke the rules and picked a bonus one, because we’re rule breakers. Yeah, that’s right. Your boys from XVGM Radio are here to break down all the barriers. All jokes aside though, Mike and Justin pick their heaviest of hitters in their VGM opinions. From discussions on the impressive echo of Iku Mizutani’s NES bangers, to the sentimental tears Justin shed over Final Fantasy 9’s ending, XVGM Radio takes you through some of their favorite composers and the tracks they feel best represent them. Get ready to climb VGM mountain and see the masters of video game music!
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Intro – Super Mario Bros. (NES – 1985) “Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme” Koji Kondo
1 – Final Fantasy IX (PS1 – 2000) “Melodies of Life” Nobuo Uematsu (Emiko Shiratori – Vocals)
2 – Shatterhand (NES – 1991) “BGM 5” Iku Mizutani
3 – Doctor Mario (NES – 1990) “Fever” Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka
4 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1/SAT – 1997) “Wandering Souls” Michiru Yamane
5 -ActRaiser Renaissance (SWI/PC – 2021) “Alcaleone (SFC ver)” Yuzo Koshiro
6 – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (SNES – 1995) “Lockjaw’s Saga” David Wise
7 -DDR 5th Mix (Arc – 2001) “Dynamite Rave (Long ver.)” Naoki Maeda (Val TiaTia & Brenda Burch – Vocals)
8 -Shantae: Half Genie Hero (WiiU/PS4/XBONE/SWI/VITA/WIN – 2016) “Tassle Town” Jake Kaufman

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