Episode 9 – In Memory & Celebration of Ryu Umemoto

Though his life was short, Ryu Umemoto crafted some of the best music available on various Japanese computer system games. From Eroge visual novels to working with CAVE on their bullet hell shooters, Umemoto poured his heart and soul into creating music despite not being a classically trained musician. Today on XVGM Radio, Mike and Justin uncover some of his best work full of techno, blues rock, and more ambient electronic pieces, all while taking you on a fantastic journey about his life and legacy.
Out of respect for Mr. Umemoto and his music, we have opted to not take any calls or create commercials for this episode, as it is a tribute to him.
All information about Mr. Umemoto’s life and times was paraphrased from the following interview/writeup by Audun Sorlie: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/178187/memorial_composer_ryu_umemoto.php?print=1
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(All Tracks composed by Ryu Umemoto)
Intro: Xenon: Fantasy Body (PC-98, FM Towns) – “XENON”
1 – Square Resort (Sharp X68000, 1992, OPN Version) “Sound Test #9/Tank 2”
2 -Mobile Suit Gundam: A year of War (PC-98, 1993) “ZION05” – co-composed by Toyo Kusanagi
3 – Princess Maker 2 (PC-98, MS-DOS, Windows, Sega Saturn, FM Towns, PC Engine, MAC, GP32 aka Game Park 32, 1993) “Battle”
4 – Grounseed (PC-98, 1996) “Strain (Tension)OPNA Version”
5 – EVE Burst Error (PC-98/FM Towns/Saturn/Windows/PS2, 1995) “Shopping”
6 – Psyvariar (Arcade/PS2, 2000) “Weakboson”
7 – Espgaluda 2 (Arcade, 2005) “Mutiny – Fate Is With The Girl”
8 – Ano Machi no Koi no Uta (Windows, 2006) “Tease”
9 – Akai Katana (Xbox 360, PC, 2010) “Nehanmon (Stage 1)”
10 – NIN2-Jump (XBLA, 2011) “Autumn”
Outro – Kono Yo No Hate De Koi Wo Utau Shojo Yu-No (PC-98, 1996) “Reminiscence”

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