Episode 82 – An Evening with Barry Leitch

Barry Leitch is mostly known for his compositions on the Top Gear racing game series, and more recently, Horizon Chase Turbo. But if you dive deep enough, you’ll uncover a wealth of video game music magic from a man who was inspired by the greats of the C64 era. Starting out as a teenager, his earlier creations aren’t as fondly remembered by the composer himself but the journey to how they became what they were is the path that we have taken on this interview. In this episode, Barry tells us all about working with the limitations of retro systems, the time a tiny TV made a massively negative impact on his Utopia SNES port and what it was like to cram big samples into tiny audio chips. He chats about what it was like working with other notable composer Dean Evans and the process he goes through to write music. Mike shares some ridiculous nostalgic memories regarding Gauntlet Legends, Justin shares a tale about his Rush 2 N64 experience and more on this in-depth interview with VGM Legendary composer, Barry Leitch!
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Intro – Xenophobe (AMI – 1989) “Title Screen”
1- Bonnie’s Bookstore (PC/MAC – 2005) “The Moody Thinker (Level 1)”
2 – Utopia: The Creation Of A Nation (AMI/AST – 1991) “In-Game Music 2 (Vega III)”
3 – Gauntlet Legends (N64 – 1999) “Sumner’s Tower” composed by John Paul
4 – Prophecy:Viking Child (AMI/AST/Lynx/GB/DOS – 1991) “Level 9 – Valhalla”
5 – Spider: The Video Game (PS1 – 1996) “Display Cases Dinosaur Bones”
6 – Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu (GBA – 2003) “Bane”
7 – Harlequin (AMI/AST – 1992) “In Game 3”
8 – Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA (N64 – 1998) “Title”
9 – Eek! The Cat (SNES – 1994) “The Zoo” w/ Dean Evans
10 – Gadget Twins (GEN – 1992) “Level 3 – The Lost City”

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