Episode 68 – Anime Game Music w/ G to the Next Level

What happens when video games and anime collide? You get video games based on anime, of course! Mike and Justin are joined by fellow-anime lover and Sega mega fan, George aka G To The Next Level, where the guys really hit it off celebrating video games based on anime and their stellar music. Diving deep into their own nostalgic memories of how they got interested in anime, the guys bring full attention to the jungle beats of Astro Boy, the creepiness of Mystic Defender and the smooth jazzy Sailor Moon vibes. Plus, George and Justin get super nerdy over Evangelion, Mike questions his sexuality after fawning over Shin from U.N. Squadron as a youth, and the guys pick their favorite Sailor Scout, all on this english-dubbed episode of XVGM Radio!
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Intro – Ghost in the Shell (PS1, 1997) “MISSION 03 – Boss – Firecracker” Takkyu Ishino, Derrick May, Mijk Van Dijk, Advent, Westbam, Joey Beltram, Brother From Another Planet, BCJ, Scan X, Dave Angel, Hardfloor
1 – Mystic Defender “Kuja-Ku-Oh/Spirit Warrior/Peacock King” (GEN, 1989) “Round 1” Chikako Kamatani
2 – Neon Genesis Evangelion (N64, 1999) “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” Hidetoshi Satō (Orig. Composer), Jun Enoki (Arranger)
3 – Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Joreshi Wa Nice Body (SFC, 1993) “Crazy Woods” Kinuyo Yamashita
4 – Astro Boy: Omega Factor (GBA, 2003) – “Track 3” Norio Hanzawa, Tsuyoshi Kaneko
5 – Magic Knight Rayearth (SAT, 1995/8) “CLEF” Hisanori Ōshiro
6 – U.N Squadron (SNES, 1991) “Enemy AirForce” Toshio Kajino, Mari Yamaguchi, Yasushi Ikeda
7 – Yu Yu Hakusho Makyou Tōitsusen (MD, 1994) – “Sub-Space 2” Satoshi Murata, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Aki Hata, Norio Hanzawa
8 – Lupin III – Pandora no Isan (FC, 1987) “Track 4” Unknown
9 – Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (GEN/SNES, 1993) “Stage 1-1 (Street)” Aki Hata

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