Episode 61 – Spookyfest 2020!

It’s Halloween time! Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the guys had to, of course, cancel the “live” festival of previous years for something more….virtual. Mike and Justin picked 11 scary, haunting, creepy, and most of all SPOOKY video game music tunes that will put the stalk in your scarecrows….the flaps in your bats….the lasagna in your….fat cats? Well, you’ll understand when you listen. A ghoulish mix of modern and classic tunes will flood your VGM well, and in 7 days, you’ll STILL be jamming to 2020’s SPOOKYFEST!
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Intro – Oxenfree (Mobile,/Switch – 2016) “Dead Light” C. Andrew Rohrmann (credited as SCNTFC)
1 – Dead of the Brain: Shiryo No Sakebi (SX68K/FMT/MSX/PC-98 – 1992) “Track 5” Muse, Ryu Takami
2 – Costume Quest (XB360 – 2010) “Winterland Suburban Houses” Peter McConnell
3 – Garfield: Caught in the Act (GEN/GG – 1995) “Count Slobula’s Castle” Tristan des Prés, Dwight Stone, Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas
4 – Bloodborne (PS4 – 2015) “Living Failures” Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Yuka Kitamura, Nobuyoshi Suzuki, Cris Velasco, Michael Wandmacher
5 – The End is Nigh(PS4 – 2019) “Catastrovania: Retro Dante Symphony(Liszt 1857)” Ridiculon, And a bunch of dead dudes (Franz Liszt), Matthias Bossi, Jon Evans
6 – Undertale (Mac/PC – 2015) ”Death by Glamour” Toby Fox
7 – Gargoyle’s Quest 2 (NES – 1992) “The Ghoul Realm” Yuki Iwai
Patreon Request: Cam Werme – Willow (NES – 1989) “Cave Theme” Harumi Fujita
8 – Shadow Hearts (PS2 – 2004) “Demon’s Gig” Yoshitaka Hirota, Yasunori Mitsuda
9 – Obscure 2: The Aftermath (PS2/WIN – 2007) “Infested People” Olivier Deriviere
10 – Dead Island (PS3/XB360/PC – 2011) “They’re Coming” Paweł Błaszczak

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