Episode 57 – Zuntata

What do Karaoke Machines, bizarre PCM voice samples and shamisens have in common? They’re all points of discussion on today’s episode where Mike and Justin do a deep dive on Zuntata, the in-house composers and live band for Taito! Formed in 1983, Zuntata was largely carried by composers like Hisayoshi Ogura, though there were over a dozen members over the years, all of which brought us some of the best video game music ever! We’re taking a deep dive into the back catalog of Zuntata’s music from all different genres of gaming. So get ready to test your burger, meditate…meditation and hang out with Daddy Mulk and his casino, because the XVGM Radio guys are ready to rock!
Thanks to our pal Ed Wilson of VGMBassy for helping with re-verifying these tracks are all definitely Zuntata. Head to TheVGMbassy.com for his podcast!
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Intro – Ninja Warriors (ARC, 1988, Mega CD, 1993, PC-Eng/Atari ST, 1989) “Daddy Mulk (Arranged)” Hisayoshi Ogura, Junichi Kawaguchi
1 – Aqua Jack – (ARC, 1990) “Game Start/BGM 1” Shizuo Aizawa
2 – G Darius (ARC/PS1, 1997) “Track 08” Hisayoshi Ogura
3 – Psychic Force – (ARC, PS1 1996) “Carry Away (Sonia’s Theme)” Hideki Takahagi
4 – Dungeon Magic (ARC, 1994) “Now We Cut Off the Hideous Chains (Fight)/Now, the Iron of our Blades are Severing and Murdering(Battle)” Norihiro Furukawa
5 – Cleopatra’s Fortune (ARC 1996, TAITO X-55 1995, SAT, 1997, PS1/DC 2001) “Shinin’ Queen” Shuichiro Nakazawa, Hideki Takahagi
6 – Syvalion (ARC/SNES, 1988/92) “Confusion” Yasuhisa Watanabe
7 – RC De Go (ARC, 1999/PS1, 2000) “Hearts on Fire” Saori Kunikyo (ZUNTATA)
Patreon Pick: Carlito – Night Striker (ARC, 1989/Mega CD, 1993/ PS1, 1995/SAT, 1996) “Burning Road” Arrangers: Hisayoshi Ogura, Tamayo Kawamoto, Yasuhisa Watanabe, Shuichiro Nakazawa, Masahiko Takaki
8 – Thunder Fox (ARC/GEN, 1990/91) “Mine (Stage 4)” Kazuko Umino (Arcade composer)
9 – Gamera 2000 (PS1, 1997) “The Promise (To Be Born Again And See You)” Masahiko Takaki, Shuichiro Nakazawa
10 – Arkanoid vs Space Invaders (iOS/Android, 2017) “Chilled Vaus” Hirokazu Koshio, Shouhei Tsuchiya

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