Episode 5 – An Evening with Coda

On today’s episode, XVGM Radio ventures into unknown indie territory when we interview video game music and chiptune composer stalwart artist, Coda. We’ve hand picked some truly amazing tunes from his blossoming career and hear about his progressive rock interests, how his appreciation and friendship with Jake Kaufman inspires him, and try to figure out how many deli meats can fit into a cockpit. Wait, what?! Strap yourselves in and get ready to appreciate some truly fantastic compositions from CODA.

Special thanks to Scarlet Moon Productions for the interview opportunity! Check them out at: http://scarletmoon.com/

Please visit CODA’s Official Bandcamp and website:
https://coda.s3m.us/ -Website
https://bc.s3m.us/ – Bandcamp

Omega Strike Soundtrack courtesy of Scarlet Moon productions: https://scarletmoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/omega-strike-original-sound-version

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Track Listing:

Intro Track: Omega Strike (2017, Steam, 2018-PS4, coming soon to XBOX One): “Omega Strike Title Track”
1- Grave Danger (Steam, PS4,Switch 2018) – “Last Stop (Stage 1-A)”
2 -Omega Strike – “Resistance Caverns”
3 – VideoBall (PS4, Steam, 2016) – “Jam”
4 – Stardash (2011, IOS, Android, Remastered 2018) – “Tricky”
5 – Alter Ego: Dreamwalker (2013, Windows, Linux, Mobile, Android) – “Strollback (World 2)”
6 – Stardash – “Temple”
7 – VideoBall – “Rock”
8 – Grave Danger – “Dangerous Enemy”
9 – Alter Ego: Dreamwalker – “Clockout (World 3)”
10 – Omega Strike – “Omega Citadel”

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