Episode 45 -Series Spotlight on Rhythm Heaven w/ Nikotengoku!

In the mid-2000s, Nintendo threw their rhythm-based games hat into the mix with the Game Boy Advance Japanese exclusive, Rhythm Tengoku. The franchise eventually was brought to other regions of the world, and with it, a smorgasbord of tasty audible treats. From smooth jazz to ska to hip hop infused metal, this series has it all when it comes to musical genres! Screaming from the highest of high rooftops regarding his love of the series is none other than today’s returning guest: Niko, aka NikoTengoku, better known as the artist formerly known as Wiiguy. Niko, Justin and Mike sit down and chat about Niko’s streams featuring made up lyrics to a Rhythm Heaven song, Justin blanking out dog sound effects, and plenty of other hilarious moments!
Huge thank you to our pal NikoTengoku for stopping by the show again! Visit his twitch stream at: twitch.tv/NikoTengoku
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Intro – Rhythm Heaven (NDS, 2008) “Game Select 2 (That’s Paradise Instrumental) – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone
1 – Rhythm Tengoku (GBA,ARC 2006) “ Rabbit Jump ” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone
2 – Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii, 2012) “See-Saw” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone, Shinji Ushiroda, Asuka Itō
3 – Rhythm Tengoku (GBA, ARC 2006) “Cafe Counsel” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone
4 – Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii, 2012)“ Remix 7” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone, Shinji Ushiroda, Asuka Itō
Patreon Request: Jordan/Anson Davis: Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii, 2012) “Air Rally” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone, Shinji Ushiroda, Asuka Itō
5 – Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS, 2015) “Tap Trial 2 (Turbo Tap Trial)” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Shinji Ushiroda, Asuka Itō, Yumi Takahashi, Megumi Inoue
6 – Rhythm Heaven (NDS, 2008) “Shoot-em-up 2” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone
7 – Rhythm Heaven: Megamix (3DS, 2015) “Right Hand Remix” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Shinji Ushiroda, Asuka Itō, Yumi Takahashi, Megumi Inoue
8 – Rhythm Heaven (NDS, 2008) “Glee Club” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone
9 – Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii, 2012) “Remix 3 ~ I Feel Fine (Tonight)” – Mitsuo Terada (Tsunku), Masami Yone, Shinji Ushiroda, Asuka Itō

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