Episode 38 – Shakedown: Hawaii with Mat Creamer

Grit your teeth as you plow through innocent bystanders, hold up stores for insurance protection, and burn forests down with your flamethrower…it’s your world in Shakedown Hawaii. The successor to Retro City Rampage had a lot to live up to, and thankfully it doesn’t suffer from sequelitis, as it’s one of the best indie games this year. Take on the role of an aging 1980’s CEO, or his spoiled rotten to the core son, and even a hired mercenary to do the dirty work. All three are at your disposal here as you steal cars, burn down parking lots, and crush anything in your way: including pesky consumer rights! Take on the role of CEO as you figure out the best way to ruin customer’s lives and make cash doing it. Despite the slimy premise, the game is tons of fun and backed by an incredible 80s synthwave soundtrack by Norrin Radd aka Matt Creamer. Matt takes us through the ups and downs he faced getting the official soundtrack released, and answers all the hard-hitting questions all while providing fantastic insight into his compositions.
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Shakedown Hawaii Soundtrack by: Norrin Radd/Matt Creamer
Intro – The CEO’s Return
1 – Beach Cruise
2 – Night Ride
3 – Freeway Escape
4 – Jungle Mercenary (Please Adjust The Tracking)
5 – Flashbacks
6 – Obliterator
7 – Riding Bazooka
8 – Clothes Make The Man
9 – Lobby Line
10 – Island Heist

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