Episode 26 – Mike’s Picks!

It’s co-host spotlight time…AGAIN! This time around, Mike picks the tracks for the episode. Hear tracks ranging from the NES to the Playstation 4 as Mike and Justin take you on a audio journey through Mike’s wacky mind. From conversations about Simon Belmont telemundo style, to handling calls from anyone from “Mike’s mom” to an angry planet devourer, and even a little jokey ribbing of Mike’s youtube game review show, this episode is a nostalgic trip full of mega hits and obscure picks from popular games.
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Intro : Shadow of the Ninja (NES, 1990) – “Prologue Theme” Iku Mizutani, Kouichi Yamanishi
1 – Astyanax (NES, 1990) – “Marshy” Toshiko Tasaki
2 – Super Castlevania IV (SNES, 1991) “Spinning Tale” Masanori Adachi, Akira Soji, Taro Kudo
3 – X-Men (Arcade, 1992) – “Junk Factory” Yuji Takenouchi, Seiichi Fukami, Junya Nakano, Ayako Nishigaki
4 – Mega Man 6 (NES, 1993) – “Tomahawk Man” Yuko Takehara
5 – Chrono Trigger (SNES 1995) – “Corridors of Time”Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu
6 – Jet Force Gemini (N64, 1999) – “Character Select Screen” Robin Beanland, Alistair Lindsay, Graeme Norgate
7 – Metroid Prime (GCN, 2002) – “Parasite Queen Battle” Kenji Yamamoto, Koichi Kyuma
8 – Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (GCN/PS2/XBOX/PC, 2004) – “Tower Encounter” Stuart Chatwood, Godsmack (Licensed Tracks)
9 – Gravity Rush (PS Vita, 2012/PS4, 2016) “The Phantom of Hekseville” Kohei Tanaka
10 – Saints Row IV (PS3/PS4, 360/XBONE, PC, Linux 2013) “Northeast City” Malcolm Kirby Jr.

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