Episode 102 – The Musical History of Natsume Part 2: Natsume Inc.

Continued from Episode 99, Mike and Justin hit the dusty trail of Natsume’s musical history for a second time to uncover the North American-based publishing (and sometimes development) side of the company. Splitting from Natsume Co. Ltd. in 1995, Natsume Inc. began publishing a wide variety of games mostly in North America. From tales of what happened to the later years of the Harvest Moon series to discussion of the publisher’s focus on handhelds (almost exclusively,) the XVGM Radio boys take shovel to dirt to uncover some of Natsume Inc’s publishing history and how the Natsume Co. Ltd still sometimes worked with them on many projects. You’ll hear a few throwback tracks to the Co. Ltd days with composers like Iku Mizutani and Kinuyo Yamashita while exploring new ground with a bevy of RPGs, fishing games and….anime hamsters?! Yep, That’s XVGM Radio, alright. Stay tuned for a future episode where we bring you part 3 (sometime in 2023.)
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Intro – Highway 2000 (SAT – 1996) “Track 2” T’s Music (Yasutaka Hatade)
1 – Legend of the River King 2 (GBC – 1999) “Fish On Hook” Unknown Composer
2 – Hole in One Golf (GBC – 1999) “BGM #01” Iku Mizutani
3 – Lufia: The Legend Returns (GBC – 2001) “To Doom Island!!” Yasunori Shiono, Akiko Ishibashi, Tomoko Morita, Yukio Nakajima
4 – Medabots Infinity (GCN – 2003) “Game Over” Kinuyo Yamashita (Iku Mizutani Arranged)
5 – CIMA: The Enemy (GBA – 2003) “The Final Decisive Battle” Tomoko Morita, Yasunori Shiono, Yukio Nakajima
6 – Hi! Hamtaro Ham-Ham Challenge (DS – 2008) “Bijou’s Mixed Juice Stand” Unknown Composer
7 – Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (PSP – 2010) “Mining” Unknown Composer
8 – Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove 3D (3DS, 2011) “DNC 08” Beatmaniac Inc, Takane Ohkubo
9 – Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning (3DS – 2012) “Summer Theme” Kumi Tanioka
10 – Harvest Moon: One World (PC/PS4/SWI/XB1 – 2019) “Childhood Home” Tsukasa Tawada

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