Since the dawn of the internet, video game fans have gathered to celebrate their favorite franchises. One of the most dedicated fanbases is for Mega Man, specifically the classic series that started on the NES, and saw a resurgence on later generations like Mega Man 9 and 10 on the Wii, and more recently, Mega Man 11 on the Switch. But those classic 8-bit style games feature some of the best video game music ever; songs that we’ve all heard over and over again. So today, we wanted to spotlight some fan efforts, and boy did we find some fantastic tunes! We’re joined by Mega Man fan community member, co-composer, artist and creator of the Mega Man fan game juggernaut, Mega Man Unlimited, to showcase his game, and several others. Learn about his relationship with fellow composer and all star of the MM fan game universe, Kevin Phetsomphou and listen to Justin, Mike and Phil list their order of favorite classic MM games. Also hear some fascinating stories from Phil getting a paid trip to Hawaii on Capcom’s dime! All on this MEGA-powered up episode of XVGM Radio!