Episode 16 – The Audio History of Data East

Two video game music podcast hosts are here to talk about the soundtracks from Data East’s yesterday….Are you a BAD ENOUGH DUDE to listen all the way through?! Mike and Justin are revisting the glory of Data East’s arcade and home offerings, both from the developer themselves, or their affiliated hired developer. You’ll hear plenty of time travelling arcade bangers that’ll make you want to sink your lips onto the straw of an Ecto Cooler, but save room for chats about nuclear fallout, lyrical goofiness in VGM, and weapons looking like lipstick cases. Presented by Data East, it’s time to travel back in time for the good old 80s and mid-90s and rock out with some tubular gaming jams! Thanks so much to Kung Fu Carlito for the info regarding the Capcom Fujitas so we could dig deeper and get more info to clarify some previous Capcom-related follies at the top of the show!