Episode 88 – April Fools!

It should be pretty obvious if you’ve heard the show before that Mike and Justin LOVE comedy. So on this episode, which just so happens to release on April Fools for no specific reason, the guys get deeply personal and share never before heard stories before. Listen to some wacky tunes about sunflowers, finding secrets, slippery little things that taste so good all the time, all while learning about Mike’s porn music career, Justin’s pet rock collection and his unofficial name change, Mike’s shocking political affiliation, Justin’s composer obsession and many more secrets revealed! This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Intro: Pa Rappa the Rapper 2 (PS2 – 2001) “Noodles Can’t Be Beat” Masaya Matsuura, Yoshihisa Suzuki, Naoto Sugai, Ryo Watanabe
1 – StarCraft: Brood Wars (PC/Mac – 1998) “Radio Free Zerg” Tracy W. Bush, Jason Hayes, Glenn Stafford
2 – Bust-A-Groove (PS1 – 1998) “I Love Hamburgers (Hamm’s Theme)” Hiroshi Kobayashi
3 – Battleblock Theater (360 – 2013) “Secret Area” Will Stamper
4 – Buck Bumble (N64 – 1998) “Title” Justin Scharvona, M.C. Cisco (vocals)
5 – Spider Man 2 (PS2 – 2004) “MX Finiculi (Pizza Theme)” Luigi Denza (composer), Lolita Ritmanis, Larry Rench (Orchestrations)
6 – Total Distortion (PC/MAC – 1995) “You Are Dead” Kent Carmical, Joe Sparks
7 – Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3/XB360 – 2011) “Crazy Chocobo” Shootie HG
8 – Plants VS Zombies “Zombies On Your Lawn” (PS3/ 360 – 2011) Laura Shigihara
9 – Ballz (SNES/GEN – 1994) “Title Screen, Menus, Winner!” Neuromantic Productions, Mark Miller, Jason Scher
10 – Final Fight Streetwise (PS2 – 2006) “Superfly Teenage Girls” (w Mike as Justin and Justin as Mike) Brad Fotsch, Stymie & the Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra

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