Episode 47 – Konami Unleashed in the East! W/ Dan Laughton

There’s plenty of Konami classics that never made their way outside of Japan. We could probably do an entire episode like this featuring the Ganbare Goemon series! However, today we’ll be focusing our efforts on two shoot ‘em ups (SHMUPS, Shooters, Shmupdangos, whatever you wanna call them!) Falsion, a Famicom Disk System game that took use of the 3D Glasses that premiered on the same day, as well as Crisis Force, one of the final Konami games released on the Famicom. Both of these have stellar soundtracks that are worth sharing with the rest of the world. So let Mike and Justin take you on a wild space mission with special guest, author Dan Laughton. Learn about how real world physics apply to space battles, hear Mike and Justin travel from the future with California accents on a mission to save the world…and jam out to some awesome music on this episode of XVGM Radio!
Big thank you to Patreon member Dan Laughton for requesting a track for this episode, and Dan Laughton for being on our show! Check out Dan’s book if you enjoyed this brief glimpse into his view on video games! Purchase link is here: http://tiny.cc/zb1glz
Make sure to also check out his podcast he co-hosts with his wife called The Village Person’s Podcast! https://thevillagepersonspodcast.com/podcast/
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Composed by: Shinya Sakamoto, Shigehiro Takenouchi, Atsushi Fujio

Intro – “Stage 1”
1 – “Boss Theme”
2 – “Stage 2”
3 – “Stage 4”
4 – “Last Boss”
5 – “Stage 6”

Composed by: Kenichi Matsubara, Yasuhiko Manno, Jun Chuma

6 – “Stage 4:World of Fire”
7 – “Stages 1 & 6: Advanced City”
8 – “Final Battle 1/Boss 2”
9 – “Ending”
10 – “Stage 2:Land and Sea”

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