Episode 43 – The Sounds of the FM Towns

Japanese computer systems and consoles rarely coincide, but when it comes to Fujitsu, the two go hand in hand. Meet the FM Towns Computer System and the FM Towns Marty Console. Two systems with similar audio components that take the best of the 16 bit era (FM Synth, Redbook Audio, and PCM Sample-based music) and combines them all into one. Today’s episode, the XVGM Radio hosts are digging deep into the world of Fujitsu’s Towns systems to uncover some absolutely stellar music. Hear Mike showcase his love of Freestyle. Listen to Justin intentionally mispronounce a game title for the first time and rock out to the sounds…of the FM Towns.
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Intro – FM Towns Marty Console Intro Music
Intro 2 – Alltynex (FMT, 1997) “Attack The Zoldyzant Base” Jirurun
1 – Muscle Bomber (ARC, FMTM, 1993/ SNES, GEN, 1994) – “Tokyo Stage” Masaki Izutani , Toshio Kajino, Shun Nishigaki, Ryo Mizutsuki, Nobuhiro Ōuchi,(original composers) Setsuo Yamamoto (Arrangement)
2 – Mobile Suit Gundam Hyper Classic Operation (FMT, 1992) “OPN_1” Ryu Umemoto
3 – Galaxy Force II – (ARC 1988, FMTM, 1991) “Alone Fighter” – Yoshitoku Sunahara (arranged), Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi
4 – Twin Cobra (ARC/FMT, 1987/1994) “Tsugaru (BGM 4, 9 Arranged)” – Takahiro Kuribayashi, Masaaki Yoneyama
5 – Psychic Detective Series Volume 5: Nightmare (FMT, 1991/PC-98, 1995/WIN, 1998) – “Track 2” Yasuhito Saito
6 – Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force (ARC/FMT/SX68000, 1994) “Player Select” – Keishi Yonao
7 – Super Street Fighter II (ARC 1993/SNES, GEN, X68000, FMTM 1994/AMI 1995) “Cammy’s Theme” Shun Nishigaki, Isao Abe
8 – Blandia Plus (ARC/FMT, 1992/1994) “Track # 13” – Hisao Shiomi, Akira Inoue, Manabu Namiki
9 – Operation Wolf – “Track 4” – (FMT, 1990) Composer Unknown
10 – Dōkyūsei 2 (FMT/PS1/SAT/SFC, 1995) “In the Mood” – Shinichiro Sato (of T’s Music)

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