Episode 24 – Puzzle Games

Jump that block, switch that dial and twist that piece! Puzzles make you think, wonder and learn and today on XVGM Radio, we aim to do the same. We’ll be playing video game music from all sorts of musical genres, all with the puzzle game commonality in mind. Join Justin and Mike as they try to speak to Q-Bert, talk about Jeddy and Fraison, and…boner jamz. Also, ZOOP! All on this super chill episode of XVGM Radio!
Big shout out and thanks to Kit Holden for doing a fantastic job as the voice of Catherine for our commercial this episode!
Huge thank you to our Patrons who help donate to the show! We’re so grateful for each and every one of you! Thanks to: Alex Messenger, Cam Werme, Chris Meyers, Scott McElhone, Chris Murray, Kung Fu Carlito, Peter Panda, Mixxmaster, The Autistic Gamer 89 and Jordan & Anson Davis. Special thanks to Cameron Werme for choosing this episode’s Patron Pick!
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Intro : Tetris (CD-i – 1991) “Level 0” Jim Andron
1 – Zoop (SNES/Genesis – 1995) “Scattin’ Bones” – Bob Scumaci, Mark Davis, Brian Schmidt (Music Design),
2 – Puzzle Star Sweep (PS1 – 1997), “Sitora and Mint” Mitsuhiro Arisaka
3 – Q-Bert (NES – 1989) “Finale Congratulation” – David Thiel
4 – Puzznic (Amiga – 1990) – “Title Screen” Tim Follin
5 – I.Q. Intelligent Qube (PS1 – 1997) “Almost Dead” – Takayuki Hattori, Kōzo Araki (Coordinator), Akihiko Shimizu (Producer)
6 – Catherine (360/PS3/PC – 2011) “It’s a Golden Show” Shoji Meguro
7 – Scribblenauts (NDS – 2009) “New Frontier 1” – David J. Franco
Patron Pick – Cam Werme – Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (DS – 2007) Khalkus Theme Mark Derell, Bart Roijmans, Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans, Ruud van de Moosdijk
8 – Tetris Plus (GB – 1996) “Knossos” Iku Mizutani
9 – World of Goo (Wii – 2008) “Rain Rain Windy Windy” – Kyle Gabler
10 – Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (Wii – 2007) “Descent of the Oracle” Shinya Okada, Tadayoshi Makino

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