Episode 113 – Robots GBA/DS Spotlight with Composer Ian Stocker

There’s two things that don’t get the recognition they deserve when it comes to video games: Game Boy Advance soundtracks and licensed games. Today on XVGM Radio, Mike and Justin build up a musical tale to combat this inaccurate statement with a GBA soundtrack from a licensed game that rocks! Robots, based on the CGI family friendly flick, has a soundtrack sure to get your gears spinning. As an added bonus, the XVGM Radio guys interview the composer, Ian Stocker. Find out fun facts about the creation of the soundtrack, hear discussions about Garfield, hot dog nicknames and so much more on this stellar episode of XVGM Radio!
Huge thank you to Ian Stocker for joining us for a special interview about his Robots soundtrack! Please check out his website and social media here: https://www.magicaltimebean.com/about/
Ian’s Twitter: https://x.com/MagicalTimeBean
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All tracks composed by Ian Stocker

Intro – “Intro Movie”
1 – Train Station
2 – Big Weld Interior
3 – Upper City
4 – Outmode Area
5 – Boss Intro/Boss Battle
6 – Aunt Fanny’s Gallery
7 – Madame Gasket Battle
8 – Inside the Mansion
9 – Rodney
10 – Journey to Big Weld

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