Episode 110 – Musical Therapy: An Interview w/ Norihiko Hibino

Music touches all aspects of the soul. It’s a large part of what makes us human. In tough times or happy moments and everything in between, music can be therapy in many ways and video game music is no different. On today’s episode, we sit down for a chat with Norihiko Hibino and listen to one of his favorite genre offerings: Jazz music. We listen to a few tracks from his latest album, Jazz Resort, Vol. 2. He talks about his influences (John Coltrane,) and shares stories about his time at Konami (What was lunch time like in Konami’s headquarters?) Mike asks some blatantly selfish questions about Castlevania and we learn about some close, personal composer friends of his. We also get to hear stories about Hideo Kojima and how Hibino’s hectic schedule worked when composing for multiple projects at the same time. For Konami, Metal Gear and Jazz fans, this is an episode you DO NOT want to miss!
Huge thanks to Scarlet Moon Productions and Jayson Napolitano for making this happen for us! Check out Hibino’s album, Jazz Resort, Vol 2. Here: https://scarletmoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/jazz-resort-vol-2
Also, we can’t thank Norihiko Hibino enough for taking time out of his schedule to chat with us about his amazing music. Please check out Norihiko Hibino’s social medias and websites here:

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TRACK LISTING: (All songs by Norihiko Hibino)

Intro – “There’s Always A Path” from Norihiko Hibino’s Jazz Resort, Vol 2.
1 – Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel (GBC – 2000) “Infiltration 2” Kazuki Muraoka (Sound Direction)
2 – Zone of the Enders (PS2 – 2001) “You Need This Done To You”
3 – Ninja Blade (360/PC – 2009) “Main Theme”
4 – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2 – 2004) “The Pain”
5 – Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand (GBA – 2003) “The Count of Groundsoaking Blood”
Intermission – “I Miss You” from Norihiko Hibino’s Jazz Resort, Vol 2
6 – Shinobi (3DS – 2011) “Shadow Master”
7 – Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django (GBA – 2004) “Solar Boy Django”
8 – Bayonetta 2 (WiiU – 2014) “The World’s Beginning”
9 – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2 – 2001) “Fortune”
10 – 9 Years of Shadows (SWI/PC – 2023) “Hibino’s Theme” Miguel Hasson, Michiru Yamane, Norihiko Hibino
Outro – “To You” from Norihiko Hibino’s Jazz Resort, Vol 2

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