The Sega Genesis GEMS Driver is often considered one of the worst drivers created for video game music. However, we are optimists when it comes to most chips, so today, we’re taking a deep look into the GEMS driver. Who created it, why it was important to Western composers, the benefits of it and the downfalls. Justin and Mike aim to examine the good AND bad parts of it, to unearth some game music that you might not have known about. Aaron Hickman of the Genesis Gems podcast is also known as chiptune and VGM composer DYA. He joins us on this episode to help explain some of the nitty gritty details regarding GEMS and the Sega sound in general. From bad Sylvester Stallone impressions, to Mike absolutely losing it whenever Captain Salty is discussed….to a surprise phone call from someone claiming to be Tommy Tallarico, this episode of XVGM Radio has it all!
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Genesis Gems Podcast
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Intro – Prime Time NFL Starring Deion Sanders (GEN – 1996) “Season Tunes” Andy Armer
1 – Dragon’s Revenge (aka Dragon’s Fury 2) (GEN – 1993) “Main BGM” Earl Vickers
2 – Comix Zone (GEN – 1995) “Ending Theme” Howard Drossin
3 – X-Men 2: The Clone Wars (GEN – 1995) “The Clone Wars” Kurt Harland Larson, Neuromantic Productions, Jim Hedges, Mark Miller
4 – Earthworm Jim (GEN – 1995) “New Junk City” Tommy Tallarico / Mark Miller
5 – Richard Scarry’s Busytown (GEN – 1994) “Captain Salty” András Magyari
6 – ToeJam & Earl (GEN – 1991) “Rapmaster Rocket Racket” John Baker, Mark Miller (Direction)
7 – Demolition Man (GEN – 1995) “Pipe Maze” Nathan Grigg
8 – Patreon Pick – Scott Mcelhone: Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition (GEN – 1994) “Aviary” Sam Powell
9 – Sylvester & Tweety: Cagey Capers (GEN – 1994) “Hyde and Shriek” Nathan Grigg