Episode 77 – Only in PAL

Plenty of video games have only had certain releases in exclusive territories but PAL territories are home to some pretty oddball selections of games; some of which we’ve chosen here to highlight their amazing music. Who let a bunch of Yanks in to chat about PAL exclusives, anyways?! No idea, but you’ll soon forget about all that when you tune in to this episode of XVGM Radio. From chats about what Smurfing as a verb REALLY means, chats about censored European games box art and..being too cute to ball. It’ll all make sense after you give a listen to these PAL exclusives!
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Intro – Noah’s Ark (NES – 1992) “Track 3” Chris Gill, Paul Summers, Link Tomlin (Sound Programming)
1 – Jimmy White’s 2 Cue Ball (GBC – 2000) “BGM 1” Manfred Linzner
2 – Arabian Nights (AMI – 1993) “Le Bateau – Restaurant” Matt Furniss
3 – The Smurfs (NES – 1994) “Act 5: The Flight on a Stork” Alberto Jose Gonzalez
4 – The Trap Door (ACPC/C64/ZXS – 1986) “Main Theme” Don Priestley
5 – Game Over (C64 – 1987) “Main Theme” Martin Galway
6 – Discworld Noir (Win/PS1 – 1999) “Track 28” Paul Weir
7 – Snake Rattle ‘n Roll (MD – 1993) “Level 3 – Razor Ravine” David Wise
8 – Retro Force (PS1 – 1999) “Music 05” Gary McKill
9 – Battle Frenzy/Bloodshot (M-CD/MD – 1994) “Levels 6 & 14” Mike Ash
10 – Gothic II: Night of the Raven (WIN – 2003) “Raven Wraith” Kai Rosenkranz

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