Episode 59 – VGM in Motion

Do you feel the wind in your hair as you drive across that bridge everyday while headed to and from work? Is the sweat beating down your brow as you jog to the rhythm of your favorite VGM? Or are helmets, wheels and safety gear involved in your jams from game land? Well this episode of XVGM Radio is right up your alley, as we journey through 11 fantastic tracks involving motion in video games. Move through the neon future with four Ninja Turtles of the Teenage Mutant variety, Hop across tall buildings as Faith in Mirror’s Edge, and rocket through the various machs with your Wipeout arcade race car…and there’s plenty more where that came from! Mike and Justin return to close out the first 60 episodes with an exploration of motion in sound. Put the top down, close your eyes and put it in park as you turn the volume way up to the sound of…..i…is that a woodpecker?!
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Intro – Top Gear (SNES, 1992) “Track 1/USA/Las Vegas” Barry Leitch, Hiroyuki Masuno
1 – TMNT Turtles in Time (ARC 1991, SNES, 1992) “Neon Night Riders” Arrangers: Kazuhiko Uehara (as K. Uehara), Harumi Ueko (as H. Uekoh), Mutsuhiko Izumi
2 – Mirror’s Edge (PS3/XB360, 2008) “Shine (Mirror’s Edge Main Theme)” Magnus Birgersson
3 – Fighter’s Impact “Be Cool (Sanson’s Stage)” (ARC 1996, PS1 1998) Yasuhisa Watanabe
4 – Team Sonic Racing (Switch/PS4/XBone/Win, 2019) “Dark Arsenal – Lap Music” Jun Senoue, Tee Lopes, Tomoya Ohtani, Hidekuni Horita
5 – Tony Hawk Pro Skater (GBC, 2000) “Track 6” Kiyoshi Kusatsu
6 – Omega Strike (Switch/PS4/XBONE/Win, 2018) “Tumbleweed Desert” Ken Snyder (Coda)
7 – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (360/PS3, 2013) “Power Core” Power Glove
8 – Pyre (PS4/PC, 2017) “Knights of the Sea” Darren Korb
9 – Woody Woodpecker Racing (GBC, 2000) “Beach Street” Unknown Composer
10 – wipEout XL (PS1/SAT, 1996/97) “Body in Motion” Tim Wright (CoLD SToRAGE)

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