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Episode 7 – C64 Downports vs. Originals

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The late 1980s and early 1990s was an age full of change in video game music, and that shift into higher quality was arguable when it came to the Commodore 64. But do big budget titles from the silver age of gaming sound as good on The Little Computer That Could? Or were they even better than the originals? Mike and Justin take a listen to a list of tracks which may surprise listeners and will have you wondering…which one sounds better! From Double Dragon adult film discussion, to trying to name the SID chip with goofy names, plus a “brand new Tim Follin soundtrack and game?!” Sold.

Episode 6 – PS1

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U R NOT READY….er…E (some of you will see it and get it)…..but you will be after listening to these blasts from the 32-bit past! The first Sony Playstation (Also known as the PSOne or PS1,) had some of the greatest games to have been released during its generation, and with those stellar titles came music that would capture our hearts and engage our senses into overload. Mike and Justin help you return to the mid to late 90s with 10 tracks full of well known as well as obscure PS1 video game music to help you relive the days of turning your systems upside down when the discs read error popped up.

Episode 5 – An Evening with Coda

On today’s episode, XVGM Radio ventures into unknown indie territory when we interview video game music and chiptune composer stalwart artist, Coda. We’ve hand picked some truly amazing tunes from his blossoming career and hear about his progressive rock interests, how his appreciation and friendship with Jake Kaufman inspires him, and try to figure out how many deli meats can fit into a cockpit. Wait, what?! Strap yourselves in and get ready to appreciate some truly fantastic compositions from CODA.

Episode 4 – Guilty Gear

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HEAVEN or HELL?! LET’S ROCK! And rock we shall, with some blazingly metal tracks from Daisuke Ishiwatari and crew! On this episode, Justin and Mike bang their heads to some truly delicious heavy metal jams from the Guilty Gear series. Learn about the XVGM boys’ history with this fighting game franchise, why Baiken is Mike’s waifu and why it’s actually called Grillty Grizzle…or is it Grillty Grear? Eh…They can’t all be gems. So crank that volume, and grab your gasoline-powered swords, this is the blistering sound of Guilty Gear!

Episode 3 – Board & Card Game Video Games

Uno! Yahtzee! Bingo! You sunk my battleship! Board and card games have a long history of fun for the whole family. When it comes to board and card-based video games, there’s been a plethora of choices to play. Today, Mike and Justin roll the dice on 10 tracks from these type of games that range from easy listening to progressive rock, all while sharing stories about their experiences with each version, both video game and original. What are YOUR favorite tracks from this episode?

Discord & Patreon

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Hello again listeners!

We just keep on adding channel to get in touch with and support us! Now you can join a Discord channel just for our fans. Click here to join the XVGM Radio OFFICIAL DISCORD! FREE FOR ALL USERS! Share VGM with us on there, or just chat away at will! Sign in today!

We’re also proud to announce our brand new Patreon page! It won’t be officially announced until Episode 6’s release, but you can take a look and potentially sign up for some cool initial rewards early on. Feel free to ask us any questions on here.

We’re on Instagram

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Hey XVGM listeners! I just wanted to let everyone know (if you don’t already) that we’re on Instagram. You can find us by searching for “xvgmradio” – or by either clicking the Instagram icon up in the top-right corner or following this link https://www.instagram.com/xvgmradio/.

At the moment, we post a picture when we record, but we’ll probably find other fun times to snap a pic and put it up.

Episode 2 – Toaplan, An Audio History

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Strap into a Zig and get ready to move for great justice, because Justin and Mike are diving deep into the musical history of the shoot ’em up stalwarts themselves, Toaplan! From the early arcade beginnings to partnerships with some of Japan’s biggest publishers like Taito and Capcom, Toaplan’s composers knew how to create driving grooves and melodies to get gamer’s blood pumping. From debating with callers regarding princess names to discussing the intricacies of Mr. T fornicating with you for free, XVGM Radio’s got you covered!

Episode 1 – The Evolution of Nintendo Console Music

A brand new era of VGM Podcasting has begun! XVGM Radio is YOUR source for video game music (VGM.) Mike and Justin take you on the winding road of Nintendo’s ever changing consoles and their music. Each game showcases a different style of composer and sound hardware. Learn about Justin’s hidden language, and hear Mike cover Super Mario Pearl Jam! All in this inaugural episode of XVGM Radio!

You’re listening to…

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XVGM Radio!

Welcome! Stay a while and listen – to some of the best video game music you’ll hear this side of the internet. Mike & Justin have a whole host of episodes lined up where we want to take you for a ride throughout the vast world of VGM – from beeps and boops of the 70’s & 80’s right up through the fully orchestrated soundtracks of some of today’s best games.

Each episode will consist of at least 10 tracks (plus an intro) chosen by your hosts (and any guests), a commercial, themed around the topic of the episode, as well as some discussion centered around the tracks that you will hear. We want to be the best possible vgm-based radio show we can be, so always feel free to let us know what you liked, what fell flat, and what we can do to make the show even better.

Stay tuned – our 1st episode will release on June 13th (06/13/18).


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