It’s about time! Hailed as one of the greatest JRPG experiences of all time, and for good reason, Chrono Trigger’s the complete package for all gamers. Therefore, Justin and Mike bring in a special guest who not only is a huge fan of the game and it’s stellar soundtrack, but also named his podcast after a song title: Drew Mackie of Singing Mountain. Drew joins the XVGM Radio boys for a celebration of the ages, as they discuss the 25th anniversary of the game as of today (Yes, we’re breaking schedule to release on the official 25th birthday of Chrono Trigger!) What transpires is a nostalgic trip into the past full of name corrections, Mike sharing the track that made him cry, and of course our overlord Lavos screech discussions (Praise Lavos, of course.) Grab your Masamune, your bowls of Eyes Cream and prepare to howl with the Black Wind, as we celebrate 25 years of this milestone game!