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April Patreon Live Recording – 2019

It’s Springtime! You know what that means: April showers bring May flowers, so we’re sharing some songs that remind us of Spring. We had a blast talking about terrible people who unveil Avengers Endgame spoilers, how Mike totally relates to Yoshi now that he has his own daughter, and reminiscing about tracks old and new that inspired quite a bit of nostalgia talk!

March Patreon Live Recording – 2019



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Justin Intro: Mario 3-on-3 Hoops (NDS, 2006) “Bloocheep Ocean” – Masayoshi Soken
1 – NBA JAM Tournament Edition (SNES, 1995) “Title Theme” Rick Fox
2 – Double Dribble (Arcade, 1986) “Attract Mode” – Unknown Composer
3 – Pat Riley Basketball (Genesis, 1990) “Half Time (Japanese)” – Hikoshi Hashimoto
4 – NBA Give N Go (SNES, 1995) “BGM 2” Masahiko Kimura, Kazuhiro Uehara
5 – Jordan VS Bird (NES, 1988) “One on One” David Wise
6 – Arch Rivals (Genesis, 1992) “Game Theme” – Dan Forden (Composer), Mark Cooksey (Arranger)

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February Patreon Live Recording – 2019


67024d_9ed0570abeda4d28a38e77ba0228ba33~mv2.pngIn our second live show, we turn up the heat with a Valentine’s Day special! Some tracks on this episode are questionably adult, so definitely get a babysitter, grab some fondue of the cheese and chocolate variety, and prepare to sizzle with the XVGM Radio gentlemen.



Intro – Jet Set Radio (DC, 2000) “Concept of Love” – Hideki Naganuma

1 – Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (Nintendo DS, 2007) “Luke Atmey (I Just Want Love)” Noriyuki Iwadare

2 – The World Ends With You (DS 2007/Switch 2019) “Give Me All Your Love” -Takeharu Ishimoto 3 – Final Fantasy VIII (PS1, 1999) “Eyes on Me” – Nobuo Uematsu, Faye Wong

4 – Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School (FDS, 1987) “Last Date” Nobuo Uematsu, Toshiaki Imai

5 – Toejam & Earl III: Mission to Earth (Xbox, 2002) “Lewanda’s Love (Track 1)” – Burke Trieschmann (arranged), John Baker

6 – Final Fight Streetwise (PS2,XBOX 2006) “Porn Theater” Brad Fotsch, “D.J. Default”

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Patreon Announcement

by XVGM Radio

We are going to be making changes to our Patreon tiers. If any of our listeners were interested in the Live Shows, but weren’t thrilled with the sticker price, we’re lowering the cost. now the $1 tier will get you a thank you AND get you access to our live shows on Discord!

With the new equipment we recently received thanks to your Patreon contributions, we plan to start doing monthly shows in January! Stay Tuned!

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