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October Patreon Live Recording – 2021

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October Patreon Live Recording – 2021

Listened to Spookyfest 2021 and want MORE SPOOKY?! We got just the thing for you. Go bump in the night with 7 additional SPOOKY tracks in this exclusive Patreon VIP Pass! We dive into some entertaining conversations about TV watching habits. We pick our top three favorite and top three most hated Halloween candies, all while doing some Scooby Doo tv vs game music comparisons. Then chat about Lasagna, Rockabilly recommendations and play some outtakes from this year’s halloween episode! The perfect companion piece to SPOOKYFEST 2021!

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Intro – Super Castlevania IV (SNES – 1991) “Boss 2” Masanori Adachi, Akira Sōji, Taro Kudo
1 – Simpsons Night of the Living Treehouse of Terror (GBC – 2001) “Vlad All Over” Suddi Raval
2 – Scooby Doo Mystery (SNES – 1995) “Main Theme” Ted Nichols (Black Knight) Martin Gwynn Jones, Martin P. Simpson
3 – Double Dragon Neon (360/PS3 -2012 SWI/PS4/XBONE – 2021) “Ghost Forest” Jake Kaufman (Arranger), Kazunaka Yamane (Original Composer)
4 – Max Payne (PC – 2001) “Whack Him” Kärtsy Hatakka, Kimmo Kajasto
5 – Garfield’s Nightmare (DS – 2007) “Haunted Castle Theme A” Matthias Gilch
6 – Super Mario Odyssey (SWI – 2017) “Bonneton” Shiho Fujii, Kōji Kondō

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