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November Patreon Live Recording – 2020

November Patreon Live Recording – 2020

It’s not everyday you are joined by one of the best video game music composers in the indie scene (He’s rolling his eyes right now, stop it!) But the November live show is extra special because we were joined by none other than Matt Creamer a.k.a Norrin Radd! Justin, Mike and Matt picked some totally killer VGM tunes for this Patreon-exclusive live show, had fun chats about horny horns, slap bass, twarnmpy Genesis music, Sega’s Tower of Power, and more on this blazin’ hot funky live show…only on XVGM Radio!

Special thanks to Matt Creamer for joining us! Please check out his Twitch every sunday night where he gets nostalgic about Gamepro issues! twitch.tv/norrinradd22

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Intro – Capcom’s Soccer Shootout (SNES, 1994) “Shimizu S-Pulse (Germany Theme)” Tomoko Matsushima
1 – Gauntlet IV (GEN, 1993) “Sortie” Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Original tracks: Hal Canon, Earl Vickers
2 – Jaguar XJ220 (Amiga, SegaCD, 1992) “06” Martin Iveson
3 – Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (PS2/PS3/XB360, 2008) “All For One” Masako Otsuka, Hidehisa Nakazono
4 – Neo Turf Masters (ARC/NG/NGCD, 1996) “09 Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club, Japan” Takushi Hiyamuta (Arcade, Music Director)
5 – Dizzy Knight (Android/IOS, 2018) “Spirals” Matt Creamer (Norrin Radd)
6 – Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4/XB1/Switch-2018, Win-2019, STA-2020) “Lord Xaros Castle Statue” Yuzo Koshiro, Keiki Kobayashi, Takeshi Yanagawa, Cédric Joder, Michiru Yamane, Motoi Sakuraba, Matt Creamer, Tee Lopes

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