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May Patreon Live Recording – 2022

It’s time, once again, to listen to YOUR PICKS! That’s right! You call the shots in this special Patreon request episode! We had to fill the gap with a few of our own…extra special guests, but we’re excited to listen to some extremely awesome music from our Patrons! Thanks for bringing the thunder on this one! We’re joined by our pal Ed Wilson from The VGMbassy where we share some stories from the PTR days regarding the John Baker composer interview, get confused on how to pronounce Live A Live (despite our Patreon member Ryan McPherson telling us how) and get weird, wild and wacky on some uber awesome PCM sample based tunes, all on an exciting live show for XVGM Radio!

Special thanks to Ed from VGMbassy for joining us! Check out his show at: www.TheVGMBassy.com !

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Intro Snake – Metal Gear 2: Snake’s Revenge (NES – 1990) “Enemy Alert LVL 1. Theme” Tsutomu Ogura
1 – Nick Carney – Galgun 2 (SWI/PS4/XB1 – 2018) “Nanako’s 8-bit adventure” Ippo Yamada, Ryou Kawakami, Kotaro Yamada, Luna Umegaki, Tsutomu Kurihara, Takuya, Hiroaki Sano, Hiroki Isogai
2 –  Chris Murray – Caravan Stories (And/iP – 2017) “The Method of Fighting” Basiscape Co., Ltd
3 – Scott McElhone – Toejam and Earl (GEN – 1991) “Toejam Slowjam” John Baker
4 –Ryan McPherson – LIVE a LIVE (SNES – 1994) “Megalomania” Yoko Shimomura
5 – Alex Messenger – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (SWI – 2017) “Sky Garden” Kenta Nagata (Direction), Shiho Fujii, Atsuko Asahi, Ryo Nagamatsu, Yasuaki Iwata
6 – Ryu – Ninja Baseball Batman (Arcade – 1993) “Stage 1 in Seattle” Hayashi Sho, Jitta

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