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March Patreon Live Recording – 2021

March Patreon Live Recording – 2021

Back in September 2020, the XVGM Radio guys started putting together a licensed tracks episode and noticed that most of the tracks were Tony Hawk game related. So they decided, hey, we’ll shift gears and play all TH music and go back to licensed music at a later time. And that later time, as voted by YOU, our Patron, is now. March’s theme was our first ever (and certainly not the last) where Patrons could directly vote for the episode, and since we had a tiebreaker, we’ll be playing the other winner next month. But for now, prepare to rap, dance, groove and headbang through some truly classic licensed music for video games! Hear Mike yet again gush about how great Saints Row IV is for entirely too long, listen to Mike and Justin admit their lack of Soccer interest, and hear Justin talk about his post-college adventures with band-based rhythm games, in this balls to the wall episode full of music you’ll be bobbing your head to!

Thanks again to all our Patreon members for helping support the show! Wanna listen in on an extra exclusive episode each month along with some other cool rewards? Head on over to www.patreon.com/XVGMRadio for more details. Just $1 gets you an extra themed episode exclusive to you! Other cool rewards are available for higher tiers, too!

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Intro Justin – Crazy Taxi (ARC – 1999, DC – 2000, GCN – 2001) “All I Want” The Offspring (From Ixnay on the Hombre [1996])
1 – Grand Theft Auto IV (PC/PS3/XB360 – 2008) “Dominion/Mother Russia” Sisters of Mercy (From Floodland [1987])
2 – SSX Tricky (GCN/PS2/XBOX – 2001) “It’s Tricky” Run DMC (From Raising Hell [1986])
3 – Battle of the Bands (Wii – 2008) “Danger! High Voltage” Electric Six (From Fire [2003])
4 – Saints Row IV (360/PS3 – 2013 PS4/XBONE – 2015 SWI – 2020) “Vindicate (Original Mix)” Excision and Datsik (From Vindicate [2013])
5 – FIFA Soccer 2002 (PS1/PS2/XB/PC – 2001) “19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)” Gorillaz (From 19-2000 [2001])
6 – Wet (360/PS3 – 20109) “Una Para Todo Es Bandido” Gypsy Pistoleros (From Para Siempre [2007])

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