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March Patreon Live Recording – 2020


Since everyone is up in arms (and for good reason) about the Coronavirus, we thought we’d do an episode on: FOR YOUR HEALTH! Join Mike and Justin as they reveal ghastly personal medical stories (both funny and gross,) share never-before-heard outtakes from Episodes 43 and 45, and chat about the pandemic that’s sweeping the globe, all during this Patreon-exclusive live show!

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Intro: Dr. Mario Online Rx (Wiiware, 2008) “Cough” Masaru Tajima

1 – Trauma Team (Wii, 2010) “Endoscopy: Seeking Within”  Ryota Koduka

2 – Dr. Mario 64 (N64, 2001) “Fever (Critical!)” – Seiichi Tokunaga, Hirokazu Tanaka (Original)

3 – Plague Inc. Evolved (Steam/PS4/XBONE, 2015/2016, Switch, 2019) “Plague Blossom (Main Theme)” Marius Masalar

4 – Trauma Center: Under the Knife (NDS, 2005) “Last GUILT” – Kenichi Tsuchiya, Kenichi Kikkawa

5 –  3-D Body Adventure (DOS, 1994, PC 2014) “Digestive Track Flyby” Hamilton Altstatt

6 – Surgeon Simulator (Win/Mac/Linux, 2014) “Are you Kidney-ing Me (Ambulance)” – Black Heron

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