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Brian Siecienski, Pixel Stories, Podcast Host

Episode 42 – Sierra, an Audio History

Brian “Science!” Siecienski is a bold personality both on air and off. Growing up on the mean streets of Wolcott, Connecticut, he cut his teeth on plenty of retro classics and is still a gamer today. He plays all kinds of games and has a specific knack for Adventure games from companies like LucasArts and Sierra, as well as Japanese companies like Sunsoft, Capcom and Konami. Musically, he’s a big fan of groups like Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream, musical artists like Michael Jackson and modern day synth darlings like Chromeo to name a few. He’s also a big fan of indie games as well, and his backlog of Steam games is impressive! Brian is one of many co-hosts on a podcast called Pixel Stories, where he gathers a group of friends to chat about the real world history and lore behind certain games.


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