Norrin Radd / Matt Creamer

Matt Creamer


Episode 38 – Shakedown Hawaii w/ Norrin Radd/Matt Creamer

Matt Creamer (formerly known as the chiptune artist Norrin_Radd) is an entirely self taught musician, and has been professionally creating music for the game industry since 2012. What started out as a hobby to create the most extreme thematic NES music he possibly could in the world’s first 8bit death metal album “Anomaly”, has turned in to him constantly attempting to create music in genres he has little to no experience with. Whether it be Samba, or EDM, Classical or Pop, Matt’s approach is always to Separate the genre from the instrument, and the instrument from the genre. That way he can apply the flavour of both to literally any other means, and continue create strange true hybrids.