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NikoTengoku (AKA The Artist formerly known as WiiGuy)

Episode 17 – Gameboy w/ Niko (WiiGuy309)

Episode 45 – Series Spotlight on Rhythm Heaven w/ NikoTengoku

Episode 66 – Amiga Spotlight w/ NikoTengoku

Hello! I am Niko aka NikoTengoku! Video Game Music aficionado, general Video Game lover, and streamer of GamingGoingGoneLive on Twitch and as most people know me for, 8BitStereo on youtube! I have always been connected to video games due to their Soundtracks, as most video game experiences are made or remembered due to a particular OST, listening to video game music outside of their respective games has made me realize just how important it is. Whether understanding the hardware of old chiptune consoles, or creating your own imagination or fantasies under the music, Video Game OST’s deserve more credit in the music, and part of why I’ve taken the time to research and understand many aspects of the Video Game Music world.






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