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MegaPhilX (Philippe Poulin)


Episode 55 – Mega  Man Fan Game Music w/ MegaPhilX

Philippe Poulin thrives on creativity. He says he can’t go for a few days without creating something. which is one of the reasons why he used that drive to help create Mega Man fan game, Mega Man Unlimited. He studied in art and cartoon animation, however he ended up working in the video games industry and software. His skills involve drawing, animating, video game and level design, music composition, editing videos and other various creative hobbies in his spare time. It’s no secret that he is a big fan of Capcom games and specifically Mega Man. He designed the fan-game Mega Man Unlimited and developed it with the help of Gabriel Leblanc and Jean-Simon Brochu who did most of the programming while Kevin Phetsomphou made most of the music. Phillip is mostly into Japanese video games and the anime style. He is also known for drawing images of Shampoo from Ranma ½, as she is his favorite character.


Mega Man Unlimited


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