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Episode 44 – Valfaris w/ Composer Curt Victor Bryant

It’s not every day you get to claim the moniker of video game composer AND axe wielder
in an extreme metal band, but in Curt Victor Bryant’s case, he can do both! He was one of the members of Extreme Metal pioneers Celtic Frost in the late 80s to early 90s. But Bryant’s story
doesn’t end there. Having written and worked on musical ventures for plenty of movies and various projects, he set his sights on video games only recently, with Slain his biggest game soundtrack up until his latest endeavor: Valfaris. His style is engaging, frantic and hypnotic all at once, taking his heavy metal roots and exploring with them quite a bit. If anything, Valfaris’ soundtrack is proof that Curt Victor Bryant’s name will hopefully be on many more game soundtracks to come.




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