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Here at XVGM Radio, we pride ourselves on bringing you top-quality-content. And sometimes, that’s just more than Justin & Mike can handle! So when we can bring in other people to kick things into high gear, we want to make sure you can support those awesome enough to bring something special to our show.


Composers Podcasts YouTubers Musicians
Barry Leitch A VGM Journey Dya Andrew Thompson/Orchestral Fantasy
Barry “Epoch” Topping Daniel Laughton G to the Next Level Knight of the Round
Curt Victor Bryant The Heroes 3 Podcast Jared Lame Genie
David Wise KVGM Radio Niko Lucia LaRezza
Grant Kirkhope Pixel Stories Pragmatik Super Thrash Bros.
Jeff Bell Rhythm & Pixels
Ken Snyder Singing Mountain
Leila Wilson The VGMbassy
Nicole Marie T
Norrin Radd/Matt Creamer

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