The original Blaster Master on the Nintendo Entertainment System was host to plenty of nostalgic memories for those of us who grew up during that era. But there’s a surprising amount of games that have been released for the game-turned-franchise and on this episode, Justin and Mike dive deep into the legacy of the series and how Naoki Kodaka helped shape the roots of what would become an explosive success in the hands of developer Inticreates. Taking you on a trip from the surprising origins of the first official game of the series (which has its history with an entirely different company!) all the way up to chatting about the upcoming Blaster Master Zero 3: the finale of a riveting revisit to the Blaster Master games. Join Mike as he tries to stump Justin with a soundalike from another Sunsoft game. Plus, how the Worlds of Power book fits into all this…wait, what?! Hop in your Sophia tank and let’s get rolling into Episode 79, on XVGM Radio!