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Episode 22 – Dolphin Blue

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The Atomiswave, an arcade system based on the NAOMI hardware found in the Sega Dreamcast, had a string of stellar hits on it that were both exclusive, and non-exclusive. Today, we take a look at one of the titles that has never been ported outside of the Atomiswave and emulation: Dolphin Blue. Developed in 2003, this love letter to Metal Slug combines 16 bit 2D Run ‘n Gun action with breathtaking 3D visual backdrops. Take a dip in the sea with Royal Army heroes Erio and Anne to take on the Evil Empire. But what about the music? This soundtrack takes inspiration from not only Metal Slug’s tunes, but also flourishes on its own with tracks that pop and sizzle. So hop on a dolphin with Mike and Justin as they take you on a wild ride through Dolphin Blue’s incredible soundtrack!

Episode 21 – Classic vs. Covers w/ Lame Genie

Video game music cover bands have been going for decades now. It’s tough to stand out in a crowded genre, but we think Lame Genie pulls off something special. On this episode, we are joined by Lame Genie members Mike Costigan, Kyle Sawaia and Jeff McGowan for a not-so-serious discussion on their band, Taco Bell sponsorships, melting their brains with anagram knowledge, all while comparing 5 of their covers to the songs they’re based on! Get ready for some tracks that you don’t hear covered that often, in this very goofy, extremely radical episode of XVGM Radio!

Episode 20 – Free Picks: Beginnings 始まり

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Sometimes, tracks we pick for the show don’t quite fit a theme or we find something special we want to hold onto for a while, only to unleash it to the world along with a barrage of other ear-melting tracks. Such is the case with free picks. Every 20 episodes, we’ll be gathering up the stragglers that didn’t quite make it onto our themed shows, from games both popular and obscure. From Mike and Justin admitting embarrassing stories about certain tracks and knowing what RPGs are, to multicolor-haired anime girls with digital jiblets, and even talking about controversial murder simulators, Free Picks is a great place to pickup the podcast if you’re new to it!

Episode 19 – No-Nostalgia Classics

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Most video game music podcasts focus on bringing the nostalgia on hot and heavy. Normally, we partake in this ideology. After all, video games and specific VGM tracks are home to some of our warmest memories from childhood and on. Today, we’ll be diving into the unknown as we explore games we’re told are classics, and yet…we have little to no experience with the games or their soundtracks! Mike and Justin listen to tracks they may not necessarily agree on, compare one of the picks to the Duck Tales theme song and try to figure out what’s on an Aleste Salad (hint: It’s Extra Musha.) All on this extra-exploratory, no-nostalgia classics episode of XVGM Radio!

Episode 18 – Beat ’em ups!

Back in the 80s and 90s, the Beat ‘Em Up began to evolve into one of the most celebrated (and imitated) genres of all time. However, what was always constantly refreshing were the tunes that arcade and console Beat ‘Em Ups were pumping out, while the quarters were being pumped in. Today on XVGM Radio, Justin and Mike explore the vast musical genres of Beat ‘Em Ups; Get ready to defeat the baddest of foes while these dudes take you through the illest of brawler tracks. From Mega Drive exclusives, to games that never left the arcade, the XVGM boys will have you howling with laughter when they try to figure out who pooped on the lawn. Wait, what?! Close your eyes, slip those headphones on, grab some quarters and get ready to lose yourself to the sound of the Beat ‘Em Up.

Episode 17 – GameBoy w/ Niko (WiiGuy309!)

Arguably the most popular handheld gaming system in history, the Game Boy was a smorgasbord of great games, all on the go. Thankfully, portability didn’t rule out having a stellar sound chip and this episode is just the tip of the iceberg. We enlist the help of Niko, better known as WiiGuy309 or simply Wii Guy, to help us sort through the entire Game Boy library to bring you some memorable tracks! Between Mike getting the details on the Jungle Book movie completely wrong, to an unofficial sponsorship from Taco Bell, this episode will have you reaching for your monochromatic Game Boys and a pair of headphones!

Episode 16 – The Audio History of Data East

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Two video game music podcast hosts are here to talk about the soundtracks from Data East’s yesterday….Are you a BAD ENOUGH DUDE to listen all the way through?! Mike and Justin are revisting the glory of Data East’s arcade and home offerings, both from the developer themselves, or their affiliated hired developer. You’ll hear plenty of time travelling arcade bangers that’ll make you want to sink your lips onto the straw of an Ecto Cooler, but save room for chats about nuclear fallout, lyrical goofiness in VGM, and weapons looking like lipstick cases. Presented by Data East, it’s time to travel back in time for the good old 80s and mid-90s and rock out with some tubular gaming jams!
Thanks so much to Kung Fu Carlito for the info regarding the Capcom Fujitas so we could dig deeper and get more info to clarify some previous Capcom-related follies at the top of the show!

Episode 15 – Timespinner with Jeff Ball

Plenty of games nowadays have tried to emulate and pay tribute to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. But few are able to pull it off utilizing the minute details, especially when it comes to the music of the Playstation era. Enter, Timespinner, 2018’s indie darling. A game that tells the story of a blue-haired Time Messenger named Lunais, in a side scrolling, action-platforming adventure that will even send yourself time travelling: with a huge contribution to this feeling from composer Jeff Ball. Experience a soundtrack that will send you back to the 32-bit era of gaming. From deep discussions about inclusion and diversity of the characters’, learning about Jeff’s tactics to make the game’s soundtrack echo the brilliance from the games of yesterday, to creepy Mario Paint music chat, this is Jeff Ball and the music of Timespinner.

Episode 14 – Justin’s Picks!

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It’s co-host spotlight time! Justin takes center stage as he picks all the tracks for this episode! From Intellivision to Playstation 4, Justin takes the listener through a nostalgic and personal journey through his taste in video game music and shares his thoughts about some of the more iconic games that he’s enjoyed over the years. Hear the tale of how Justin arranged music for his very own wedding, as well as his thoughts on Final Fantasy, Sega Genesis, PC gaming, and of course, find out why the chicken’s no good. It’s Justin’s Picks on XVGM Radio!

Episode 13 – Soul Calibur

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A tale of swords and destinies, Soul Calibur has become a legendary series featuring some of the greatest fighting game advancements ever; and within those achievements are musical compositions that deserve vast amounts of recognition. Today we visit the stage of history and the world of Soul Calibur as we uncover some of the finer details about the lore, characters, gameplay mechanics, and of course the music. Join Mike and Justin as they try to define what makes Japanese harps “buttery”, struggle with pronunciation of Seung Mi-Na’s name, and of course, get bossed around by special celebrity call-in, Ivy Valentine! Welcome to your ultimate Soul Calibur playlist!


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