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Episode 46 – Reverse Picks!

When co-hosts pick tracks on a video game music podcast, it’s typically songs they enjoy. But what if you tried to guess which picks your co-host would pick? In this episode, Justin and Mike reverse their picks, allowing Mike to pick tracks he thinks Justin would enjoy, and Justin to choose Mike’s tracks. What follows is an enlightening episode that showcases the strength of how well the two hosts know each other, as we give our Producer-who-is-also-a-Metroid, Janine, a night off. No callers, just two hosts sharing and rating songs they think they other would pick.

Episode 28 – The Namco 163 Famicom Expansion Chip

Namco, a long time developer and publisher in the video game industry, wanted to take their Famicom development to the next level. They created the NAMCO 163 expansion chip, which enhanced audio capabilities on the Famicom; making the system sound like a PC-Engine at points. A small set of games had this chip installed in it, and while not all of the games we’re talking about took advantage of all 8 additional sound channels, the music is still phenomenal. That’s why Mike and Justin are deep diving into the sound of the NAMCO 163 chip. Listen to some interesting facts about the chip and it’s development, hear Mike try to pronounce Wagan Land, and hear the XVGM gents talk about gold-digging mice brides…all on this very interesting episode of XVGM Radio!

Episode 27 – Water Themes

Water themes in video games: You either hate them or love them. We’ve been getting a ton of rain lately, so what better way to forge through the storm then to talk about water themes in video games?! Justin and Mike put away their umbrellas and chat about an eclectic mix of tunes based on either bosses, levels song names or entire games that focus on water! Listen closely as the XVGM Radio boys slosh around in their iced-tea-filled-adult-diapers, get threatened by Kevin Costner, debate about the superior Earthworm Jim soundtracks, and more on this wet and wild episode of XVGM Radio!

Episode 23 – Boss Battles

Bosses: Those pesky creatures, monsters or people who stand in your way of reaching the next level or the end of the game. Some are considered pushovers and others are part of some of the most memorable moments in gaming. Today, Mike and Justin take a listen to some of those nail-biting, hair-pulling, controller throwing songs that you may end up hearing over and over again. From silly comparisons of songs to cartoon themes, to a pleasant mix of nostalgia and obscure bosses, this is Boss Themes on XVGM Radio!

March Patreon Live Recording – 2019



Missed the live episode tonight? It’s up on our Patreon!


Justin Intro: Mario 3-on-3 Hoops (NDS, 2006) “Bloocheep Ocean” – Masayoshi Soken
1 – NBA JAM Tournament Edition (SNES, 1995) “Title Theme” Rick Fox
2 – Double Dribble (Arcade, 1986) “Attract Mode” – Unknown Composer
3 – Pat Riley Basketball (Genesis, 1990) “Half Time (Japanese)” – Hikoshi Hashimoto
4 – NBA Give N Go (SNES, 1995) “BGM 2” Masahiko Kimura, Kazuhiro Uehara
5 – Jordan VS Bird (NES, 1988) “One on One” David Wise
6 – Arch Rivals (Genesis, 1992) “Game Theme” – Dan Forden (Composer), Mark Cooksey (Arranger)

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February Patreon Live Recording – 2019


67024d_9ed0570abeda4d28a38e77ba0228ba33~mv2.pngIn our second live show, we turn up the heat with a Valentine’s Day special! Some tracks on this episode are questionably adult, so definitely get a babysitter, grab some fondue of the cheese and chocolate variety, and prepare to sizzle with the XVGM Radio gentlemen.



Intro – Jet Set Radio (DC, 2000) “Concept of Love” – Hideki Naganuma

1 – Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (Nintendo DS, 2007) “Luke Atmey (I Just Want Love)” Noriyuki Iwadare

2 – The World Ends With You (DS 2007/Switch 2019) “Give Me All Your Love” -Takeharu Ishimoto 3 – Final Fantasy VIII (PS1, 1999) “Eyes on Me” – Nobuo Uematsu, Faye Wong

4 – Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School (FDS, 1987) “Last Date” Nobuo Uematsu, Toshiaki Imai

5 – Toejam & Earl III: Mission to Earth (Xbox, 2002) “Lewanda’s Love (Track 1)” – Burke Trieschmann (arranged), John Baker

6 – Final Fight Streetwise (PS2,XBOX 2006) “Porn Theater” Brad Fotsch, “D.J. Default”

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Episode 18 – Beat ’em ups!

Back in the 80s and 90s, the Beat ‘Em Up began to evolve into one of the most celebrated (and imitated) genres of all time. However, what was always constantly refreshing were the tunes that arcade and console Beat ‘Em Ups were pumping out, while the quarters were being pumped in. Today on XVGM Radio, Justin and Mike explore the vast musical genres of Beat ‘Em Ups; Get ready to defeat the baddest of foes while these dudes take you through the illest of brawler tracks. From Mega Drive exclusives, to games that never left the arcade, the XVGM boys will have you howling with laughter when they try to figure out who pooped on the lawn. Wait, what?! Close your eyes, slip those headphones on, grab some quarters and get ready to lose yourself to the sound of the Beat ‘Em Up.

Patreon Announcement

by XVGM Radio

We are going to be making changes to our Patreon tiers. If any of our listeners were interested in the Live Shows, but weren’t thrilled with the sticker price, we’re lowering the cost. now the $1 tier will get you a thank you AND get you access to our live shows on Discord!

With the new equipment we recently received thanks to your Patreon contributions, we plan to start doing monthly shows in January! Stay Tuned!

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