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Episode 66: Amiga Spotlight w/ NikoTengoku

Episode 66: Amiga Spotlight w/ NikoTengoku

New Year, New Niko Episode! 2020 was a rough year on all of us, but before it got out of hand, Niko had stopped by for an episode in January and there was discussion at the end of that episode to cover Amiga the next time he stopped by. We didn’t forget his suggestion, and so this episode of XVGM Radio sees the NikoTengoku himself is back with a slew of amazing Amiga tracks that will melt faces! Mike and Justin add some goody goody BASS to the mix, Justin’s eyeballs get threatened while he dreams about freshly squeezed apple juice and the boys crack up about hilariously bad cutscene art from Thunder Jaws, all on this absolutely hysterical episode of XVGM Radio!

Episode 45 -Series Spotlight on Rhythm Heaven w/ Nikotengoku!

In the mid-2000s, Nintendo threw their rhythm-based games hat into the mix with the Game Boy Advance Japanese exclusive, Rhythm Tengoku. The franchise eventually was brought to other regions of the world, and with it, a smorgasbord of tasty audible treats. From smooth jazz to ska to hip hop infused metal, this series has it all when it comes to musical genres! Screaming from the highest of high rooftops regarding his love of the series is none other than today’s returning guest: Niko, aka NikoTengoku, better known as the artist formerly known as Wiiguy. Niko, Justin and Mike sit down and chat about Niko’s streams featuring made up lyrics to a Rhythm Heaven song, Justin blanking out dog sound effects, and plenty of other hilarious moments!

Episode 17 – GameBoy w/ Niko (WiiGuy309!)

Arguably the most popular handheld gaming system in history, the Game Boy was a smorgasbord of great games, all on the go. Thankfully, portability didn’t rule out having a stellar sound chip and this episode is just the tip of the iceberg. We enlist the help of Niko, better known as WiiGuy309 or simply Wii Guy, to help us sort through the entire Game Boy library to bring you some memorable tracks! Between Mike getting the details on the Jungle Book movie completely wrong, to an unofficial sponsorship from Taco Bell, this episode will have you reaching for your monochromatic Game Boys and a pair of headphones!

Episode 10 – Survival Horror (ft. Avalanche Reviews)

Starting off the spooky season, the XVGM Radio boys are joined by Avalanche Reviews, aka Avalanche Jared, to showcase the survival horror genre of games and game music. Jared shares his history and experiences with various survival horror games, and the guys debate if Aya Brea is Christina Aguilera, along with defining the survival horror genre, all with a backdrop of some frighteningly good tracks! So grab your ink ribbons, Camera Obscuras, and Boomstick, and prepare for a wild ride!


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