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Episode 84: Yakuza Games w/ Alex From A VGM Journey

Episode 84: Yakuza Games w/ Alex From A VGM Journey

On XVGM Radio, we generally are pretty knowledgable about the subject matter of both game music and the game series we discuss. But what about when we’re not familiar with a franchise or its tunes? We bring in someone who’s played them all and in this circumstance that would be patron saint of video game music podcasts and leader of his own show, Alex Messenger of A VGM Journey. Together, we discuss Alex’s history with the Yakuza series as Justin and Mike experience the franchise through Alex. From misheard vocal lyrics “Can You Hungry – Just Brillo!” to Mike’s experience growing up listening to whatever his parents played in the car and of course Justin had to jokingly give Mike a hard time about a track! Come along for the trip to Japan as we chat about one of Sega’s newer yet most prominent IPs of the PS2 era and beyond! This…is a journey through the Yakuza franchise’s video game music!

Episode 78 – Super Smash Bros. Music w/ The VGMbassy

Episode 78 – Super Smash Bros. Music w/ The VGMbassy

It’s a teamup of EPIC PROPORTIONS! Mike and Ed of XVGM Radio join forces with VGM Podcast minister and community mastermind, Ed Wilson (current host of The VGMbassy and previously co-host with Mike on PixelTunes Radio) to listen to some truly smash-tastic tunes. The guys pick their favorites from the Super Smash Bros. franchise, songs that recapture their memories of some of their favorite games and rebundles the tunes into incredible arrangements! The jokes soar high on this episode when the innuendo dial gets turned up to 11! Plus, a special 4 minute and change commercial featuring some of VGM Podcasting’s best voices! Don’t miss this episode!

Episode 75 – Adventure Island vs. Wonder Boy (feat. Rhythm & Pixels)

Episode 75 – Adventure Island vs. Wonder Boy (feat. Rhythm & Pixels)

In an epic battle for Justin’s soul, Mike and Justin teamed up with Rhythm & Pixels to discuss the wild, wacky world of Adventure Island and Wonder Boy games and their funky fresh music! From heavy metal chiptune boss bangers to Dorabian Night arabic themes (yes, you read that right), the guys showcased some absolutely killer tunes this time around! From hilarious chats about Rob being an 80 year old unknown Japanese VGM composer (I gotchu-chan!) to creating a fake VGM band called Master Wiggins, Rhythm & Pixels plus XVGM Radio ALWAYS is a chaotic sea of fun and information and in this case, you get to learn about the backstory of how Adventure Island ripped off Wonder Boy. How did the series come full circle in the end? Why is Pernell so obsessed with Turbo Grafx? Does Justin’s Soul ever get claimed? Is Rob running composer conspiracies?! Find out on this action-packed episode of XVGM Radio…and make sure to grab enough fruit along the way!

Episode 47 – Konami Unleashed in the East! W/ Dan Laughton

There’s plenty of Konami classics that never made their way outside of Japan. We could probably do an entire episode like this featuring the Ganbare Goemon series! However, today we’ll be focusing our efforts on two shoot ‘em ups (SHMUPS, Shooters, Shmupdangos, whatever you wanna call them!) Falsion, a Famicom Disk System game that took use of the 3D Glasses that premiered on the same day, as well as Crisis Force, one of the final Konami games released on the Famicom. Both of these have stellar soundtracks that are worth sharing with the rest of the world. So let Mike and Justin take you on a wild space mission with special guest, author Dan Laughton. Learn about how real world physics apply to space battles, hear Mike and Justin travel from the future with California accents on a mission to save the world…and jam out to some awesome music on this episode of XVGM Radio!

Episode 42 – Sierra, an Audio History

Sierra Games is heralded as one of the premiere adventure game developers and publishers that existed. Deep care went into the development of the games they created, thanks to a husband and wife creative partnership between Ken and Roberta Williams. Together, they formed Sierra Games, a developer and publisher which created some of the most memorable adventure games ever made. But what about the soundtracks to these sprawling titles? Today on XVGM Radio, Justin and Mike are joined by fellow podcaster and long time personal friend, Brian Siecienski,who is part of the Pixel Stories Podcast. Together, these three share personal stories about their nostalgic experiences with Sierra Games and the soundtracks from the past, all while covering a good chunk of Sierra Games’ legacy.

Episode 32 – Summer Jamz with KVGM – The Last Wave

Do you hear that sound? Can you feel it? The cool ocean breeze in your hair, the salt on your tongue. But wait…doesn’t this sound familiar? It’s because it’s the opening line in our guest’s mantra for his own show: KVGM Radio! That’s right! XVGM and KVGM our joining stations for a special summer jams(z) episode with KVGM net-jockey, Hammock a.k.a. Brennan. Sit back and relax or pull back the sun roof and drive around town bumping some of the most chillest and illest of summer tunes. From the lighthearted to the funky fresh, these songs will get the head bobbin’ and the drinks flowing. Make ours an Arnold Palmtree.

Episode 12 – Capcom Disney with Rhythm & Pixels

Sometimes considered the greatest crossover of its time, when Capcom and Disney worked together, the results were a mixed bag of highs and lows regarding gaming. However, the music was always a treat; one that many gamers would possibly consider some of the best of its time. On this episode, Justin and Mike are joined by Rob and Pernell of Rhythm & Pixels, a fellow VGM podcast focused on friendship and awesome tunes. With Rob and Pernell picking the majority of the tracks this time around, this episode is sure to delight fans on all spectrums. From discussion about mermaid butts, talking about dysfunctional households amongst the Goof Troop gang, and call ins from various Disney characters, prepare to visit the Magic Kingdom, the Disney Afternoon and more on this episode of XVGM Radio!


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