Every now and then a game comes out that features a soundtrack that puts the fire back in our VGM lovin’ hearts. Paradise Killer is exactly that kind of OST. The XVGM Radio guys are joined by Barry “Epoch” Topping, the composer of (what Mike considers) the best VGM soundtrack of 2020. From the vocal-infused, saxophone wailing on the intro theme “Paradise (Stay Forever)”to the mix of genre-hopping across the70s and 80s (and even a little bit of the 90s), this soundtrack features an eclectic mix of music. From City Pop/Future Funk and Vaporwave influences, to straight up New Jack Swing and 80s Dance, and down to synthwave and easy listening, these tunes got it all! Hear Barry’s story about how he transitioned from wedding band player to VGM composer, his video game influences, listen to Mike and Justin talk about the game in-depth with some interesting reveals about the game and it’s soundtrack directly from the composer himself! All on this episode of XVGM Radio! Don’t miss out on this one!