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August Patreon Live Recording – 2022

August Patreon Live Recording – 2022

Retro World Expo 2022 Panel: Hidden Musical Gems From Legendary Game Composers

Super Mario Bros. Legend of Zelda. Streets of Rage. Mega Man. Everyone loves to celebrate the songs known to the general public in video game music’s fandom. But what about the songs that reach deep into the farthest netherrealms of VGM? Join a collaboration between three different video game music podcasts (Mike Levy/Justin Schneider from XVGM Radio, Ed Wilson from The VGMbassy and Rob Nichols/Pernell Vaughan from Rhythm & Pixels) as they take a trip into the far reaches of game soundtracks to unearth some of the most obscure stuff you’ve ever heard from your favorite composers. These are songs that only the hardest of hardcore video game music fans know about and now it’s your turn to learn and jam out to the legacy of game music legends.

Big thank you to Rob, Pernell and Ed for joining us for the largest East Coast gathering of VGM podcasters in 2022! We hope you enjoy this special episode in place of our regular live show! There were some issues with Rob and Pernell’s mic that were outside of our control along with an unfortunate hum (which was fixed as best as possible. It was a  squeal!) from the equipment we used at the con combined with our own mixer, but we’ve balanced this episode as well as added the music separately so you can enjoy it in the best quality possible as if you were there at the panel. September will continue our live show schedule.

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